It’s All About Balance

This month, I’m spreading positivity! Focusing on me, and you, and how we should be taking better care of our overall well-being. Remember, you may have HHT, but HHT does not have you – it does not define you and all you aspire to be!

I’ll be the first to admit some days are easier than others, some days are harder than others. Then there are the days that seem as if nothing is going right, everything is going wrong and you don’t feel like fighting HHT, not today. Yet, you get up, you fight, you push with everything you have, and you survive because you are an HHT warrior!

Ask yourself…

What have you done lately to take care of you? Are you sleeping enough? Are you trying to eat healthier? Are you doing your best to exercise your body and mind as often as possible? Are you doing the things that make you happy? Are you spending time with your family? Are you appreciating every sweet moment you have with your little ones?

I know, easier said than done. I often reflect back on this, and struggle with it because life itself – work, long commutes, chores, etc.- often get in the way of trying to live each day to the fullest.

Tania and girls

Tania (right) spending time with some of the ladies in her family.

But it’s not too late to start today, start now and live each moment of each day to the fullest. You woke up today, you’re alive, you’re a warrior and you’re here to stay!

Start with small steps…

Go for a walk while listening to your favorite music. Sign up for that yoga class you’ve been hearing so much about (your body will thank you)! Find a new recipe and actually make it. Visit that new coffee shop you’ve been meaning to stop by, but are always too busy to do so. Gather your little ones for a game of Go Fish… it will bring smiles to their little faces! Put the mobile devices down, shut off the laptops, turn off the TVs and be present, be here, in the moment because today you are here!

Never forget – you are stronger than HHT, you can manage HHT, you can survive and you can become a warrior. Together, we are stronger. Together we can continue to spread awareness and promote the importance of early testing and diagnosis, so we may someday find a cure. We must find a cure!

For me, balance means taking care of me first, so I can then take care of my family. Though I often come last – last to go to sleep, last to eat dinner, first to get up in the morning, barely finding 20 minutes to squeeze in a workout – I am working hard toward improving this and creating balance.

Tania after workout

Tania (left) after a workout with friends.

You can too…

Write down your goals, write down a meal plan or a workout schedule and stick to it! Allow yourself little rewards every time you reach a goal. A new outfit or pair of shoes, a manicure, a new book, anything that will keep you motivated and keep you going!

Remember, I have HHT and you have HHT, but HHT does not have me and it does not have you!

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