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Upcoming LIVE Webinars & Meet-Ups

The live webinars are presented through Zoom. The webinar is typically viewed on your computer but you can also download the Zoom App to your smartphone or ipad. Additionally, please note that Virtual Meet-Ups are live-stream only, unlike the recorded Webinars, and are not available for later viewing unless otherwise indicated.


Can't make it at the scheduled time? Don't worry, you can sign up anyway to receive a link to the recorded version with exclusive early access! All webinars are recorded. Please check the details of the Virtual Meet-Up that you are interested in to see if it will be recorded.


Online Learning: Caring for HHT Through the Generations

Discover the generational impact of HHT on families in our upcoming webinar. Join Drs. Adrienne Hammill, Center Director at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Kevin Whitehead, Center Director at University of Utah.

Dr. Hammill will guide you through the early stages of life, covering genetic testing, prenatal care, and the significance of early screening for pediatric patients; while Dr. Kevin Whitehead will delve into HHT and aging, addressing aspects such as pulmonary hypertension, changes in medications, and heightened HHT symptoms in adults.

The informative presentations will be followed by a 20-minute Q&A session, allowing the audience to engage directly with our experts. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about HHT and the generational impact on families. Register now >>

Past Webinars

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