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Webinar: My HHT Tracker

Monday, October 29, 2018
7pm – 8pm EDT
   (6pm central / 5pm mountain / 4pm pacific)

Join Peter Lauwers, developer of “My HHT Tracker”, as he walks you through all of the features of this FREE new iOS App for HHT patients. My HHT Tracker allows you to track your HHT symptoms, appointments, and doctors as well as upload images, record your nosebleed frequency and severity, send critical information to your doctors, and more! Learn how to maximize the benefits of using this app and address any questions you have with the developer himself.

Peter Lauwers oversees the design, architecture, and UI/UX of the Arbormoon creative team. Throughout his 25 year career, Peter has worked in printed advertising/design, marketing, branding and IT/Database architecture/design. Peter has worked for a number of large and small advertising agencies and design firms before joining Arbormoon where he now combines his skills in advertising and marketing fields as well as internet and mobile app development. Peter has led design and development of many successful IT and mobile projects, two of which earned him industry recognition – Highest Yearly Ecommerce Revenue Award from General Motors and Project of the Year Award from Little Caesars for their mobile app.


My HHT Tracker

FREE iOS app currently available in North America

Learn More and Download Now! 

“What a wonderful webinar tonight about HHT, and how it affects the liver and the heart. Awesome!”


Brookville, PA

“I am a Nurse Practitioner and I learn so much from these webinars about my husband’s HHT. My two daughters have it as well.”


Kirksville, MO

"It is good to continually learn about HHT. I really appreciate these webinars. This is the second one and each has given new insight and information."


Ottawa, Canada

"I appreciate knowing that many people are working to improve life for families affected by HHT."


Wooster, Ohio

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