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Building a Brighter Future Today for HHT


Other Gift Types

There are many other ways to give, including through employer matching gifts, in-kind donations, creating a fundraiser, shopping and more.

You can choose one of these additional gift types as a way to support Cure HHT’s mission to find, treat, and cure HHT.  Thank you for your generosity!

Employer Matching Gifts

Company Gift Matching is a program that most employers offer to their employees for charitable donations.  When you make a donation and report it to your employer through their matching gift program, they will also make a contribution based on a certain percentage of your donation, some even donate 1:1.  That's it; no strings attached. This makes your dollars go even further.

To find out more about Company Gift Matching Programs, contact your Human Resources department and ask them if they have a program and how to sign up. You can also choose the company match option through our secure online donation form.

Companies today not only match employee donations, some also encourage them to donate their time for nonprofits and compensate the nonprofit for the employee’s time. Some examples of the giving programs offered by employers are:

  • Donations through an employee payroll withholding deduction
  • Volunteer support for a charitable event
  • Employee matching gifts
  • Employee volunteer grants

If your employer has a Matching Gift Form, the process for doubling or even tripling your donation is easy. When you are ready to send your donation to Cure HHT, please include your company's Matching Gift Form. You will be asked to fill in Part 1 (DONOR). Upon receipt, we fill in Part 2 (DONATION RECIPIENT) and confirm either electronically or via hard copy the receipt of your donation. Soon thereafter, we will receive a matching donation from your employer. It’s that simple and can multiply your generous gift to an even larger donation.

In-Kind Donations

Cure HHT is pleased to receive in-kind donations ranging from office equipment and supplies, to airline miles or a vacation stay that can be used as a fundraising raffle or auction item.

The value of the donation for income tax purposes will be made according to IRS guidelines.

Please call us at 410-357-9932 or email us at [email protected] to notify us of your intent to donate in kind.

Automobile Donation

Donate your car, truck, motorcycle, boat, snowmobile, trailer and recreational vehicles to Cure HHT and receive a tax deduction. 

This no cost, no hassle process begins when you contact our fundraising partner, Cars for Charity. You can either go online today or call Cars for Charity at 1 (888) 755-5435 to begin the donation process. 

Aren't sure if you're vehicle qualifies? Review frequently asked questions.

United Way

Cure HHT receives funds via many local United Way organizations. Does your employer offer a United Way campaign? It's an easy way to support the crucial mission to find, treat and cure HHT.

To designate Cure HHT through your United Way campaign, be sure to write in the full name and address as shown: Cure HHT, P.O. Box 329, Monkton, MD 21111.

Fundraise for a Cure


Did you know that you can add a donate button to any Facebook or Instagram post, or easily create an individual fundraiser? 100% of all donations made through Facebook go directly to Cure HHT. Facebook does not charge a fee for charitable donations received through its social media platforms. These fundraisers not only help raise awareness for HHT, but also raise considerable funds that further Cure HHT initiatives. Click here to learn how to start a Facebook fundraiser today!

FB Fundraiser Options - Visual

Classy Platform

Through Classy, creating a fundraiser has never been simpler with only a few simple clicks of your mouse. You do not need to worry about transferring funds from the Classy platform - all proceeds go directly to Cure HHT and there are multiple currency options available. So no matter where you are in the world, you can create a fundraiser today. Contact us to learn more.



Fundraise for charity through the popular fundraising crowdfunding platform GoFundMe. GoFundMe allows you to fundraise specifically for Cure HHT. Be sure to choose Cure HHT as your charity by clicking here.

gofundme-website (Brands of the World)

Shopping for a Cure

Cure HHT Store

Purchase select Cure HHT merchandise through our Cure HHT Store.


Zazzle Cure HHT Store

Purchase Cure HHT merchandise through our Cure HHT Zazzle Store. Cure HHT receives a portion of all proceeds from the sales.

PayPal Giving Fund

Donations can be made through the PayPal Giving Fund either online or through the mobile app. You are not required to have a PayPal account in order to donate through PayPal.

pp_cc_mark_74x46 (from website)

PayPal is an ideal way to donate because there are no fees collected for charitable gifts. You can even set up a recurring gift! In some cases, you are also able to round up or donate at checkout.

You can access the PayPal Giving Fund 3 ways:

  • Direct link to Cure HHT PayPal Giving Fund page.
  • Search the PayPal Giving Fund charities and enter "Cure HHT" or "HHT Foundation International, Inc."

eBay for Charity

eBay for Charity partnered with PayPal Giving Fund in order to connect eBay users with their favorite charities. Cure HHT receives 100% of every eBay donation through shopping, selling or direct donation as part of the eBay for Charities program. You do not need a separate login from your regular eBay account to donate. Be sure to choose PayPal for the transactions that you wish to have donated to Cure HHT!

Options for Donating

  • Shopping – eBay buyers can choose to shop items that benefit Cure HHT in the eBay “Charity Shop,” including digital gifts through “Gifts That Give Back.” There are many benefits to selling on eBay for charity, including seller fee credits equal to the percentage elected to donate, and tax credits for the donation. Additionally, your listings could sell faster and for higher prices with as little as a 10% donation to charity .Click here for specific instruction on how to donate a portion of your eBay sales to Cure HHT.
  • Selling – eBay sellers can choose to donate a portion of item sale proceeds to a participating charity when they list an item for sale. The percentage of proceeds donated is determined by the seller, and the amount of the proceeds (i.e. the donation) is tax deductible. Click here for specific instruction on how to list items to benefit Cure HHT.
  • Direct Donation – donate directly at checkout when you choose PayPal as your payment method.

Tax ID #: 22-3115041

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