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A Campaign to Stop Generational Suffering:

The Most Ambitious Undertaking in Our History

Ending suffering from HHT within this generation is not a pipedream. We are close. Finally – and confidently – we can say that. The work our foundation has done over the last 30+ years to expand our understanding of this disease has put us in a position to leverage rapid advancements in science and medicine to make transformative leaps in the years ahead.

It is no longer a matter of how we can produce better treatments, and one day, curative therapies. But truly how quickly we can get it done. Enough is enough. The time to act is NOW.

To accelerate what is truly possible, we are engaging in the most ambitious undertaking in our history; a comprehensive, $12 million campaign – Called to Cure: Generation to end HHT.

As part of this campaign, we are calling upon our mighty community to unite so that we can end the years of suffering, pain, and loss for so many HHT families. These funds will help bring long-awaited relief to those suffering today, and help ensure the next generation never knows that pain.

We are calling on you to make this happen. Let this be the generation who ends HHT.

Hear from Drs. Jeffrey and Sara Palmer, two lifelong HHT advocates, on why they felt now was the right time to make a generous contribution to our organization and the Called to Cure Campaign. Through their gift, we've established the Palmer Family Fund for Young Scholars. This fund provides awards to rising medical and scientific professionals to attend important HHT scientific meetings and gives small research grants to early career investigators whose work has the potential to advance HHT treatment.  (video above)

“Immense knowledge of HHT has been amassed. The right philanthropic investors can move things forward rapidly, and there is great hope for this disease.”

William Sellers, MD

Member of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard and Director of the Broad Institute’s Cancer Program

“Thanks to Cure HHT, there has been an explosion in scientific advancement within this disease. Innovative cell and gene therapies are now truly within our reach.”

Christopher Hughes, PhD

Lead scientist at the University of California – Irvine

Your gifts to Cure HHT will enable us to:

Build Out a Cure HHT Therapeutic Arm

Allowing us to directly own the path forward to curative therapies.

Our understanding of this disease and the broader scientific landscape is now at a place where better therapeutic treatments and curative therapies is very possible.

Expanding access to multidisciplinary, expert and life-saving care.

Groundbreaking discoveries are not possible without the research and ability to expand disease models these provide.


For more than 30 years we’ve worked toward a goal that always felt just beyond our reach. A cure for HHT felt like a hope and a dream – one worth chasing, but one that felt so far away. There was so much work that needed to be done.

Things are different now.

We’ve done the work, and now for the first time ever we can say that we will find a cure in this generation.

“Called to Cure: Generation to End HHT” is a transformational $12 million campaign — the most ambitious in our history as a community and organization — that will mean we end this disease for good. This is a comprehensive campaign, meaning every dollar we raise over the next three years goes to this work and our goals.


For more information about the many ways to make a meaningful gift to Cure HHT, please contact [email protected] or call 410-357-9932. 

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