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What the HHT?

A blog for the HHT community

HHT June Awareness Month

Just one HHT diagnosis has the potential to save the lives of many! As a genetic disorder – passed down from parent to child – the diagnosis of HHT for a single family member can branch into answers and life-saving treatments for several generations of a family! When we say HHT awareness saves lives…it’s not an exaggeration.

Though we have made great strides in shining a light on HHT over the years, we still need your support to make HHT a more recognized disease! Donate today to help HHT Awareness take root in your community — plant the seed of awareness!

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HHT Global Awareness Day

It’s the most important month of the HHT calendar year — HHT June Awareness Month is here! Rally your family and friends to join our fight to raise awareness and save lives! This year, we’re thrilled to announce we have secured our LARGEST MATCH EVER! A generous group of donors have agreed to double the first $100,000 we raise!

We’re doing things a bit differently this year, so stay tuned all month long for patient stories, resources highlighting…

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One in a Million

One year ago today, I underwent a liver transplant due to a genetic condition called HHT (Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia), or Osler-Weber Rendu Syndrome. Roughly 1 in 5,000 people are diagnosed with HHT. Of that 1 in 5,000, up to 75%, have liver involvement. Of that 75%, only 8% become symptomatic. The data gets spotty after this, and from my research, I can only find 59 documented cases since 1985 of liver transplantation related to HHT.

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BBC News: Jersey woman calls for more awareness of rare condition

BBC Jersey (UK) Jersey woman calls for more awareness of rare condition – “A Jersey woman who has a rare genetic condition that affects her blood vessels is calling for greater awareness of the disorder…Chelsea Ford, 27, is the only diagnosed case in Jersey but it is believed to affect about one person in every 5,000. “The fact it goes so undiagnosed, there could be people who do have it and don’t know what is wrong,” she said.

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