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What the HHT?

A blog for the HHT community

Help Keep Us On the Cutting Edge

The turn of the calendar to December marks the kickoff of our year-end appeal, and this year we are asking for your continued support to help keep us #OnTheCuttingEdge. The milestones we have our sights set on next are the kinds of things we could have only dreamed about just a few short years ago. A future exists where therapies – not surgeries – treat the chronic aspects of this disease. And that future is closer than you might realize!

Cure HHT remains a driving force for medical and scientific advancements in HHT, and throughout the month, we will be highlighting the transformational work being done…

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Owning Our Future: Introducing Our New Therapeutic Development Arm

Our mission has remained the same since our founding: to find a cure… to create a future without the unnecessary suffering, without the pain and loss. While work remains to make that future a reality, we’re excited to introduce a monumental step we’re taking to bring that future forward faster.

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Development of HHT Centers of Excellence

In this newsletter, we have announced the addition of The University of Florida to the North American Centers of Excellence (CoE) team.  This is great news for people with HHT living in Florida who have been looking forward to a place where they can be seen in their home state.  While people in and near Florida will directly benefit from this addition, all of us with HHT will benefit indirectly as well.  When a new center opens that means more physician experts are added to the HHT community.  This increases our knowledge about how HHT affects people, what types of treatments are beneficial and enlarges the pool of potential clinical research sites to help us develop new tests, procedures and medications which may improve the lives of all people with HHT.  It also boosts the number of medical personnel and trainees who learn about HHT that can later bring that knowledge with them when they see patients.

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