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Cure HHT Research 

More than $51.3 million invested in HHT research since 2003

Hughes, Chris - GRMAB Chair

Diseases can only be cured when scientists understand them.

- Christopher C. W. Hughes, PhD

Chair of Cure HHT’s North American Science and Medical Advisory Council

At Cure HHT, we drive progress in the understanding and treatment of hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia (HHT).

We are so much more than a patient advocacy organization – we are a force for scientific progress.

Our foundation has worked tirelessly to grow a research community focused on HHT and to invest in the groundbreaking work leading to discoveries. All of these efforts are aimed at improving outcomes for individuals affected by HHT. 


We take a proactive approach to making this happen

At Cure HHT, we have developed a Therapuetic Development Arm of the foundationequipping us with the in-house expertise to harness scientific opportunities and turn them into impact for patients everywhere.

Center of Excellence Strategy

Crafting a strategic blueprint for HHT Treatment Centers worldwide, dedicated to providing top-tier care.

Patient Registries

Building comprehensive databases to better understand and manage what patients need.

Strategic Partnerships

Joining forces with trailblazing industries, driving impactful change in HHT research and reach. 

Research Portfolio Oversight

Ensuring progress and innovation never stop, guided by experts every step of the way for steady forward momentum.

Scientific Collaboration

Working hand in hand with the scientific community to share knowledge and foster life-changing breakthroughs.

20 Years of HHT Breakthroughs

We couldn’t have reached this transformative point without the wins we have driven over the last 20-plus years.

Cure HHT has funded $1.5 million in grants and this money has been leveraged to $18 million from those investigators for HHT projects.

Growth amongst our community is heavily influenced by our HHT International Scientific Conference we host every two years-- the most recent of which brought together over 300 professionals to discuss HHT research.  

14th HHT International Scientific Conference - Portugal 2022

Shaping HHT's Future Through Research

More recently, we completed a landscape analysis of the disease, asking patients to identify the gaps in treatments and care, and forming expert teams of clinicians and researchers to develop hypothesis-driven research initiatives to fill those gaps.

We call this team the Cure HHT Research Network,” and they are now tasked with fulfilling 30+ patient-driven research objectives along our Research Roadmap for the next three years. 

1st Covening of the Cure HHT Research Network - 2022

Our Mission Moving Forward

Enhancing Research: Through it all, our goal as an organization is to catalyze these groundbreaking research initiatives that will further enhance our understanding of the underlying mechanisms of HHT, identify novel therapeutic agents, and develop tools and resources to help HHT researchers expedite their work. 

Innovative Treatments: Through strategic partnerships, innovative funding mechanisms, and patient-centered approaches, we aim to facilitate the development of more effective treatments...and ultimately find a cure for HHT.

Participate in Research

Your voice is vital for meaningful HHT research. Join us in a study and help drive progress together!


Research Strategies

Explore our Research Roadmap and uncover our visionary plans shaping the future of HHT research.


Supported Research

Discover how we are supporting groundbreaking research, that will lead to new treatments, and one day a cure.

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