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Building a Brighter Future Today for HHT

Through generosity like yours, we will continue to work to create a brighter future for everyone living with HHT.

We have one mission that drives everything we do: to find a cure for HHT disease.

For over 30 years, the support of donors like you has funded the most innovative scientific research, driven our advocacy and awareness efforts, and helped us create more than 25 Centers of Excellence throughout North America to ensure easy access to treatment. Click here to see the tremendous impact your donations have made over the years.

With the continued commitment and support of donors like you, we will move forward with our mission to find, treat and cure HHT.

Learn more about opportunities to support Cure HHT's mission and choose the giving option that's right for you:

Ways to Donate

Donate Now

There are three ways to donate now, including through a secure online donation, over the telephone or by check.

Tribute Gifts

Tribute Gifts and Memorials are meaningful ways to remember or honor loved ones by supporting a cause they believe in.

Planned Giving

Planned Giving is the process of making a significant charitable gift, during your life or after your lifetime, that is part of your overall financial and/or estate plan. Choosing the right gift will depend on your financial and charitable goals.

Other Gift Types

There are many other ways to give, including through employer matching gifts, in-kind donations, creating a fundraiser, shopping and more.

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