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HHT Treatment Centers

The experts in HHT care

HHT Treatment Centers

Centers of Excellence

HHT Centers of Excellence (CoEs) proactively manage the care of patients with HHT with an integrated team of experts, knowledgeable about HHT. HHT specialists work closely with an HHT coordinator to ensure proper follow-up and coordination of patient care throughout the center.

Each CoE combines the strengths of each specialty to treat the unique symptoms of HHT. You will have access to physicians who specialize in all aspects of HHT.

Cure HHT strongly encourages HHT CoEs to:
  • Educate patients, families, and health care providers about HHT.
  • Interact with the non-CoE health care providers of HHT patients.
  • Engage in HHT research and publish results in medical journals and publications.
  • Participate in Cure HHT activities.

Cure HHT currently partners with HHT Centers of Excellence (CoEs) in North America. Although Cure HHT and the Cure HHT CoEs are completely separate entities, we have established a collaborative relationship that encourages advancements in the diagnosis, treatment and management of HHT that benefits all individuals affected by this disorder.  CoEs have been certified by Cure HHT to meet the Criteria for a North American Cure HHT Center of Excellence.

Cure HHT does not currently have the resources to review and visit International Treatment Centers outside of North America.  However, we have a renewed focus on expanding care globally. International HHT medical teams interested in being recognized as an HHT Treatment Center should refer to the Criteria for International Centers.

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