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International HHT Guidelines: Anemia (Recorded)

International HHT Guidelines Webinar Series Topic:  Anemia Dr. Raj Kasthuri, Director, UNC Chapel Hill HHT Center of Excellence and Dr. Hanny Al-Samkari, Associate Director, Massachusetts General Hospital HHT Center of Excellence as they discuss anemia and iron deficiency as it relates to HHT. Both doctors are renowned hematologists and will walk the audience through a…

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International HHT Guidelines: Overview & My HHT Care (Recorded)

International HHT Guidelines Webinar Series Topic: Guidelines Overview & My HHT Care Join Dr. Marie Faughnan, Director, Toronto HHT Centre of Excellence as she provides an overview of the newly updated International HHT Guidelines and how they are used to set the standard of care globally for the diagnosis and treatment of HHT. Dr. Faughnan…

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Lift Your Heart for HHT Celebration Kickoff!

Help our rare disease mascot flight! February is Rare Disease Month and we want to SHOW OUR STRIPES in a big way! During our Lift Your Heart for HHT tribute celebration from February 22 through February 28 (Rare Disease Day®), for each donation made, we’ll honor your loved ones who are either affected by HHT…

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Women in Science Day 2021 – International

“HHT Ireland reminds us that women and girls play a critical role in science and technology communities and that their participation should be strengthened.” HHT Ireland talks to Petronella McLoughlin, an HHT patient who is a Senior Finite Scheduler with MSD Biotech, Dublin. McLoughlin notes: “It is exciting to be among those who influence therapeutical…

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Rare Disease Month

The month of February is all about feeling the love and here at Cure HHT we’re embracing all the love as we highlight our very special HHT Community during Rare Disease Month. February was officially declared Rare Disease Month in 2008 with February having the “rarest” number of days. Thirteen years later, we continue to be rare but stronger…

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