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Holiday Reflections

November is one of my favorite months due to the beautiful change in the air with the crisp and cool mornings and nights; the gorgeous auburn colors; the beginning of tasty comfort foods such as hot apple cider and chili; the return of professional football and basketball; and finally, the Thanksgiving holiday and all of the cooking and eating and cooking and more eating with family and friends… I simply love autumn!
Speaking of Thanksgiving, I wanted to take this opportunity to express my thanks. I am very thankful to be able to share every month with our HHT family. Writing about the challenges that are faced with the blood disorder enable me to enlighten others and express my feelings about those things I face due to HHT. It is a source of therapy for me. Though times might be difficult and the disorder can present itself as being overwhelming, it so wonderful to have people that understand within the HHT community, resources to receive guidance and encouragement from and the overall support of the Cure HHT organization that provides information and an outlet for people like myself to freely share and express thoughts and experiences.
Then the month of December rolls in and the frigid cold starts to come and sometimes the snow comes down. I love this season of extra love, care and giving that happens during this time of the year. Many look at the Christmas season as a special time to reflect religiously on the special gift given. I not only reflect on Christmas for this purpose but also I appreciate the gift of life and the opportunity to be able to live and share joy in spite of the circumstances and issues of HHT.
Regiments that involve iron pills that are extremely strong; to iron infusions and blood transfusions that are tiresome; and annual tests that must be taken to ensure that everything is good is repetitious and bothersome at times, but I am grateful and thankful that I daily have another chance to overcome the disorder and be involved with the Cure HHT foundation and be abreast of all of the studies, research, innovations and discoveries that assist with the management of the disorder and will hopefully produce a cure.
I would encourage everyone who reads these blogs to strongly consider the stories and experiences shared and join in with words of encouragement and support for the bloggers and the foundation. I enjoy the time I have to be able to share and express my opinions and best practices and daily experience with you all the gift of life.
Happy Fall Festival, Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays and everything else that makes this time of the year and season so special to you!

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