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International HHT Guidelines: Epistaxis/Nosebleed Management (Recorded)

Dr. Jay Piccirillo, ENT, Washington University HHT Center of Excellence and Dr. James Gossage, Director, Augusta University HHT Center of Excellence discuss the new International HHT Guidelines for Epistaxis (Nosebleed Management). Both doctors are renowned HHT specialist in their fields and walk the audience through the guideline recommendations for nosebleed management. With 90% of the HHT population affected by nosebleeds, affecting quality of life and often leading to iron deficiency and anemia, you don’t want to miss this informative educational event in managing this troublesome manifestation of HHT. This one-hour webinar features 40 minutes of physician presentations immediately followed by an additional 20-minute Q&A session.

In addition, learn how to use the Cure HHT “My HHT Nosebleed Care Checklist”  to ensure that you and your family members are receiving the best possible care for HHT. All HHT Care Checklists are available in our Comprehensive Guide to Managing Your HHT booklet – Request your complimentary copy today.

The International Guidelines for Patient Care page on the Cure HHT website provides a complete listing of all topic areas and resource materials.

Learn more about the PATH-HHT clinical trial to determine if you are eligible to participate.


Key points from webinar:

  • Use of the Epistaxis Severity Score (ESS) tool helps doctors determine the appropriate treatment path based on a stepwise approach
  • A new tool has been developed by the Washington University HHT Center of Excellence (through the support of Cure HHT) to measure the functional and emotional impact of nosebleeds on HHT patients
  • Comprehensive overview of all surgical treatment options for HHT patients
  • Complete overview of the International HHT Guidelines for first line treatments (moisturization), second line treatments (ablative and surgical) and third line treatments (drug therapy) for epistaxis (nosebleeds).
  • Q&A session – View the questions that received written responses. Questions that were answered live can be viewed in the recorded webinar.
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