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HHT Global Awareness Day

June 20, 2024

Global HHT Awareness Day is just a few days away. Did you know, this date wasn’t chosen at random? It honors the life of Grace Nolan, who sadly passed away at the young age of 9 from complications of HHT. Since then, her family has championed for HHT awareness and research. This year marks the 25th anniversary of Grace’s tragic passing. The Grace Nolan Foundation has generously agreed to match the first $25,000 we raise on June 23rd! Your gift will be DOUBLED!

Visit our HHT Changemakers page today to hear Grace’s story, learn how you can get involved this June and to donate. Learn more >>

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June Awareness – Be an HHT Changemaker!

June 1, 2024

June marks one of the most important months in the calendar year for those who suffer from HHT, as it’s National HHT Awareness Month. This year we are focusing on “HHT Changemakers” – celebrating the incredible strength, resilience, and commitment of our mighty community in our fight against HHT.

You don’t have to be a researcher or physician or scientists to be a Changemakers – Changemakers are individuals just like all of you! Patients, caregivers, supporters and friends who tirelessly advocate for greater awareness, better treatment, and – one day – a cure. Your passion and dedication inspire us every day, and together, we can achieve remarkable things. When we come together as a community to fight for the change we want to see, we are all changemakers. Learn the many ways you can become an HHT Changemaker today! Learn more >>


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HHT Continuing Education Program for medical professionals

March 22, 2024

We are excited to announce the launch of the HHT Continuing Education Hub, an online platform through which providers of all specialties can take courses on various HHT topics!

Many medical providers are required to earn a certain amount of credits per year. Now, providers seeking to further their HHT knowledge can receive continuing education credits (CE or CME) when they complete our courses.

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Cure HHT Takes on Capitol Hill

March 16, 2024

This month, our group of Cure HHT staff, patient advocates, physicians and researchers descended upon Capitol Hill with the mission of shedding light on the importance of protecting and expanding federal funding for HHT. In all, we had 35 appointments with congressional and senatorial office members and staff – including a meeting with Senator Susan Collins. Our advocacy efforts wrapped up with a Congressional Briefing from inside the Capitol Building, where we presented on the impact federal funding can have in changing the trajectory of this disease.

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Navigating Through Brain’s Vasculature: A Trip to UCSF’s Neuro Cath Lab

January 15, 2016

medGadget | 2016

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“Think Like a Doctor: The Quarterback’s Headache” (Part 2) by Lisa Sanders, M.D.

September 4, 2015

“[w]e challenged Well readers to take on the case of a 15-year-old boy with the worst headache of his…

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“Think Like a Doctor: The Quarterback’s Headache” (Part 1) by Lisa Sanders, M.D.

September 3, 2015

“The Challenge: Can you figure out what is giving this 15-year-old boy the worst headache of his life? Every month…

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