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International HHT Guidelines: Liver Vascular Malformations (Recorded)

Dr. Kevin Whitehead, Co-Director, University of Utah HHT Center of Excellence and Dr. Josanna Rodriguez-Lopez, Director, Massachusetts General Hospital HHT Center of Excellence discuss Liver Vascular Malformations (VMs) as they relate to HHT. Both doctors are renowned HHT specialist in their fields and will walk the audience through a comprehensive overview of what a liver VM diagnosis means for HHT patients and the various treatment options available. With 75% of the HHT population affected by Liver VMs (more commonly in women and often in the 5th decade), you don’t want to miss this informative educational event in managing this troublesome manifestation of HHT. This one-hour features 40 minutes of physician presentations immediately followed by an additional 30-minute Q&A session.

In addition, learn how to use the Cure HHT “My Liver Vascular Malformation Care Checklist” to ensure that you and your family members are receiving the best possible care for HHT. All HHT Care Checklists are available in our Comprehensive Guide to Managing Your HHT booklet – Request your complimentary copy today.

The International Guidelines for Patient Care page on the Cure HHT website provides a complete listing of all topic areas and resource materials.


Key points from webinar:

  • Symptoms of liver VMs include: confusion (encephalopathy), portal hypertension, high output heart failure, abdominal pain
  • About 25% of the body’s blood flows through the liver
  • Liver VMs can look like Cirrhosis
  • Liver VMs are common but typically asymptomatic
  • Liver VMs + Anemia can cause the heart to lose efficiency which leads to High Output Heart Failure
  • Avoiding anemia is the most important way to avoid Liver VMs becoming syptomatic
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