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Uncovering Your Roots: Decoding Genetic Testing

Discover the power of genetic testing as we uncover the roots of HHT! Join us for an enlightening online education opportunity with Theodore Drivas, MD, PhD, University of Pennsylvania HHT Center of Excellence, and Genetic Counselor, Zahra Girnary, University of North Carolina HHT Center of Excellence, who will guide you through the process of genetic screening, as well as explore the valuable insights that genetic screening can provide for your individual HHT care. Genetic screening can help identify genetic predispositions, allowing you to take proactive steps towards preventive care and lifestyle adjustments. We will also discuss the importance of family screening and how it can benefit not only you but also future generations.

This FREE one-hour online education opportunity will feature 30 minutes of presentations immediately followed by a moderated 30-minute Q&A session.

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