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Iron and HHT: Boosting Your Health & Energy with Iron-Rich Foods

Calling all foodies! Grab your apron and head to the kitchen to join Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Kat Benson for our most sizzling online education opportunity yet, as she leads you through an interactive cooking demonstration! Kat discusses the importance of iron in the body, the correlation between iron deficiency and HHT, the best dietary sources of iron, and everyday foods that can trigger bleeding. Recommendations for daily intake of iron across different populations, including pregnant women, children, and vegetarians will also be covered.

Kat will give easy step-by-step instructions to prepare a delicious and nutritious meal that is rich in iron including ingredients like beans, nuts, and seeds. Best of all, you will learn how to incorporate iron-rich foods into your daily diet, and how to pair them with other important nutrients to enhance absorption—essential for those with HHT. The finishing touches will involve tips and tricks in helping you avoid common inhibitors of iron absorption—like coffee and tea!

At its conclusion, you will leave with an important understanding of how to meet your daily iron needs through a balanced and varied diet, and how to combat HHT induced iron deficiency to support optimal health and wellbeing. Don’t miss this unique opportunity for a fun and informative session that will leave you feeling energized and inspired in the kitchen! Click here to view the demonstration recipe.

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