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Virtual Meet-up: Ask the Doctor – Nosebleeds 101 (Recorded)

Watch our “Ask the Doctor” series with Dr. Scott Olitsky, Cure HHT Chief Medical Officer, and HHT patient, Chelsea McBride as they discuss EVERYTHING nosebleed related. From current drug therapies and surgical options, to food triggers and more, Dr. Olitsky outlines all the latest medical options for nosebleed management as well as promising new research that could play a significant role in nosebleed management. Chelsea discusses her historical nosebleed journey, the current changes in her nosebleed status since the recent birth of her baby, when to head to the emergency room, and her best emergency nosebleed kit. Chelsea also introduces you to the game-changing tool she uses to track daily nosebleeds. Whether your nosebleeds are periodically pesky or downright gushers, this is the meet-up for you and every HHT patient in between.

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