Raise Awareness for HHT

HHT is more than one person and one family.

HHT affects 1.4 million people across the world, but 90% of those people are undiagnosed. Raising awareness for this disease is key to increasing diagnosis and treatment for all. And, raising awareness for HHT allows for more doctors, nurses and medical professionals to learn about the different ways to manage HHT patients.

Together, we can improve the lives of those who have HHT.

Together, we can make HHT known in all corners of the world.

June is HHT Awareness Month

Every June we celebrate HHT awareness by shedding light on this disease, educating the public, hosting events and uniting together to bring a bright future for those who have HHT. 


Check back for updates about HHT Awareness Month in June 2018!

June 2017 We Came Together to Raise Awareness for HHT!

Through awareness, we are unifying the HHT community, educating the public and advocating for patients and families all across the world. And through awareness, Cure HHT is able to make strides in fulfilling its mission to find, treat and cure this disease. This Little Light of Mine  Marsha Hansen’s Special Tribute for…

Global HHT Awareness Day: June 23

Every June 23rd our community from across all continents comes together for this cause.


On June 23, 2017we did a special tribute to our loved ones impacted by this disease by lighting a candle and creating a movement to shed a light on HHT. Over 200 people across 66 cities and 8 countries shared stories, photos, videos and facts about their own journey with this disease. We united as a global community to #LigHHTUp the World for HHT!


Stay tuned for updates about how to get involved in spreading awareness for the next Global HHT Awareness Day!


Join a HHT Event

Our HHT community may be small, but we are mighty. There are a number of HHT events with a focus on raising awareness, educating the public and empowering all to act on behalf of this disease. 

Here are a few different events to get involved in: 

  • HHT Walks and Family Days 
  • HHT Fundraising Events 
  • HHT Baseball Days 
  • Blood Drives for HHT 
  • HHT Patient Conferences 

Want to learn more? Check out our upcoming events page

Share Your Story

Share your story with your family, your friends, your neighbors, your office, your school and your local news. When you share your story, you are joining thousands of others across the world to spread awareness about HHT.  

Check out how to Share Your Story to learn more and to get started. 

Fundraise for a Cure

Did you know that $1 donated to Cure HHT means $.93 goes towards HHT research, education programs and treatment options? 

Did you know that the majority of funding for Cure HHT comes from individuals? 

That is why we need YOU to join us in raising money for a cure. 

And when you fundraise for HHT, you are raising awareness about the disease.

Join us and Fundraise for a Cure

The more you talk about HHT, the more patients, doctors and scientists learn about HHT.

Spreading awareness leads to finding HHT in others, treating those who have it and ultimately,

securing a cure for all HHT patients across the world.