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How to Fundraise for Cure HHT on Facebook

This small, but mighty community can help Cure HHT deliver results for new HHT treatments, new HHT Centers of Excellence and new options that can help people manage their HHT much more quickly than ever before.


How? By sharing stories about their journey with HHT, advocating for this case and becoming a fundraiser on Facebook.


Facebook has created a very easy way for its users to select charities that they care about and promote the empowering work on its social platform. We have found this to be an effective way to advocate for Cure HHT and educate others about this disease. We also know it can be daunting to start something new, so we are here to help.


Follow our easy steps to begin fundraising on Facebook today!

1. Create Your Fundraiser

Head to Cure HHT’s official Facebook Page and click Create a Fundraiser. Facebook will guide you through all the steps to get started, and be sure to fill out the following:

  • What organization are your raising money for? (Cure HHT, of course!)
  • How much money would you like to raise?
  • What date would you like your fundraiser to end?

Once you have answered all the questions, your Facebook fundraiser will be ready to go!

2. Tell the World Why You are Doing This

Your friends want to know why this cause means so much to you and people will support this cause because of your journey. And while you are at it, drop us a line so that we know you are fundraising too!

3. Make the First Donation

Since actions speak louder than words, let your first act be a donation to your own fundraiser. It will show how dedicated you are to making this a success, and will encourage others to donate too.

4. Remember to Thank Your Supporters

A sincere thank you and shout out on social media can make someone feel like a million bucks – so spread the love!

5. Remind People to Give

Some of our favorite reminders are: posting about your fundraiser, talking about it with your crew, inviting people directly to contribute, adding a countdown for the number of days left in your fundraiser and sharing how many more dollars you need to reach your goal.

6. Update Your Page

Add photos and videos to your story. People want to feel the connection to you and your efforts, so the more that you can share, the better!

7. Send a Final Thank You 

Once your fundraiser is done remember to thank all the people who helped you reach your goal. They will feel extra special for knowing they played an important part in your fundraiser!

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