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HHT International Guidelines: Brain Vascular Malformations (VMs) (Recorded)

Dr. Marie Faughnan, Director, Toronto HHT Centre of Excellence, discusses Brain Vascular Malformations (VMs) as they relate to HHT. Dr. Faughnan is a renowned HHT specialist and will walk the audience through a comprehensive overview of what a brain VM diagnosis means for HHT patients and the various treatment options available. In addition, Dr. Faughnan discusses the importance of the Brain Vascular Malformation Consortium (BVMC) Study and how to participate. A special patient guest speaker joins Dr. Faughnan to discuss their own experiences as a BVMC study participant.

In addition, learn how to use the Cure HHT “My HHT Brain VM Care Checklist” to ensure that you and your family members are receiving the best possible care for HHT. All HHT Care Checklists are available in our Comprehensive Guide to Managing Your HHT booklet – Request your complimentary copy today.

The International Guidelines for Patient Care page on the Cure HHT website provides a complete listing of all topic areas and resource materials.


Key points from webinar:

  • There are 3 types of Brain VMs
    • Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM)  which is the malformation of the artery and vein connection
    • AV Fistula – high flow
    • Capillary Malformation – tiny, more like telangiectasia
  • Brain VMs
    • Are present in approximately 10% of people with HHT
    • Range in size, shape, risk of bleeding
    • Often multiple VMs are present
    • Approximately 50% are present at birth and half develop during adolescence, and
    • Many cause no symptoms or complications but can be responsible for stroke and death
  • HHT International Guidelines clarify management and treatment of Brain VMs in children and during pregnancy
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