Ask the Doctor

Dr. James Gossage, Director of the Pulmonary Vascular Disease program and the HHT Center of Excellence at Augusta University, answers questions about HHT screening, treatment and management. Members of the Cure HHT community submitted a variety of questions, some of which include: How are HHT and Pulmonary Hypertension connected?; What HHT symptoms can be treated with Avastin?; Can you have a lung AVM that doesn’t appear in a CT scan?; Should an asymptomatic family member be screened for HHT?; and How close are we to a cure for HHT? Other topics of discussion may include: anemia, iron deficiency, AVM, brain, dental, drug therapy, gastrointestinal, genetics, heart, interventional radiology, liver, lungs, medication, nosebleed management, nutrition, pediatrics, and skin.