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Ask The Doctor: Tackling Anemia and Iron Deficiency (Recorded)

Feeling tired? Weak? Short of Breath? These symptoms could be related to HHT induced anemia and iron deficiency. With anemia affecting 50% of people diagnosed with HHT, and many not even aware that they have anemia.

Watch our “Ask the Doctor” series with Dr. Scott Olitsky, Cure HHT Chief Medical Officer, as he addresses many of your concerns and questions surrounding this tricky complication. Dr. Olitsky will explore many of the new treatments used by our top HHT Center of Excellence hematologists that are helping patients successfully and effectively, manage their anemia like never before.

In addition to discussing the important management information about anemia, Dr. Olitsky will also introduce Cure HHT’s exciting new partnership with Sanguina, and the Anemia Appthat is currently in development to help manage your anemia from the comfort of your own home. Learn all of this and more.


HANDOUT – Tackling Anemia and Iron Deficiency_slides


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