The Clinical Guidelines Conference

Clinical Guidelines Image
November 9-10, 2019 marked the start of the Christopher McMahon Memorial International HHT Guidelines Conference in Toronto, Canada.  HHT physicians, specialists and patients from around the World converged onto the “Queen City”  to create the most up-to-date guidelines for HHT screening, diagnosis and treatment.  This all-important conference, with the ability to impact each and every patient undiagnosed or diagnosed with HHT, consisted of the most brilliant minds in the HHT arena.  When our panel of experts were asked to participate at this level, there was, hands-down, an overwhelming enthusiastic YES as each and every one of our attendees understands the importance of this collaborative effort and its far-reaching influence on the future of how patients with HHT are screened, diagnosed and treated. Attendees, which also includes select patients, who bring a powerful voice of those who live and breathe this disease to the table, took to the challenge of creating uniform and cohesive protocols for the entire medical community—a daunting task that has not been undertaken since the last guidelines conference held in 2006, with a publication date of 2009. The guidelines will be updated in the previous categories addressed as well as much needed new areas such as pediatrics, anemia, pregnancy, gastrointestinal bleeding, liver AVMs and cardiac involvement. Check back for updates and a summary.

A special THANK YOU to the McMahon family for their extraordinary contribution in making this Conference possible!