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An Investment in Your Family's Future

Marianne Clancy, Executive Director of the HHT Foundation, recently sat down with an HHT donor family to update them on the progress of a research project they funded. They went on to say “Our investment in HHT has the promise of being one of the best performers in our portfolio.  What makes this so interesting is, at first we thought it was charity but seeing the results of the project we realized it was really an investment in our family’s future.” They said their financial advisor was also in favor of them making another investment in HHT.  After hearing the rest of their story, we asked if we could share it with our members.  They agreed only if we could continue to maintain their anonymity.  Click HERE to read their story.


As the only organization in the world that solely advocates for families with HHT, the Foundation has had unprecedented growth and strong accomplishments to benefit all of the HHT families. Your donations and/or membership is vital to the sustainability of the HHT Foundation's purpose to work on your behalf in providing you with the most current information on HHT that can affect your health care now and in the future, providing HHT education to physicians and health care professionals, promoting critical research to solve to obtain new treatments, and advocating to the public and private sector.

We need your help if we are to sustain a strong financial foundation, look optimistically at the future of expanded research, and adopt more ambitious goals on behalf of each person affected with HHT.

Other Ways You Can Donate

We have established several partnerships with websites / organizations that provide a portion of their profits or sales to the HHT Foundation. We are not asking you to buy or search for things you don't need, but if you are going to search or shop online please try the sites listed below. Give it a try!

What Your Donations Have Helped HHT Achieve

It is thanks to you, our members and donors, that the HHT Foundation has been able to make progress in reaching our mission goals. Please click on the link to view some of these accomplishments.

How Your Donations Will Be Utilized

Our goal remains clear - to find a cure in our lifetime. Achieving our mission requires three basic resources: time, money, and creativity.

READ about our HHT Research Priorities that your donations will help support. We want you to know that $0.80 of each dollar donated to HHT research goes directly to active research programs, grants, and trials.