Fundraise for a Cure

You can change someone’s life by fundraising for HHT

Join us to improve the lives of those with HHT by raising funds for research, outreach and education. With your help, we can change the fate of those with HHT.

The 50 State Challenge

Let's Change the Future of HHT

Let's Make HHT Visible in Every State


We have a problem.

Right now, there is no cure for HHT.

We believe that a cure is possible in this lifetime.

And we need your help.

Our goal is simple:

 We want our HHT community unite across all towns, cities and states in America and take on the challenge to educate, advocate, raise awareness and create visibility about this disease.

How can we do that?

If each person becomes a fundraiser and commits to a goal goal, we will work together to achieve that goal. When someone fundraises for HHT, the lives of HHT families can be changed for the better.

Take on this challenge and be part of the change. 

Become a Cure HHT Champion

Run | Swim | Spin | Ride | Walk

Test Your Endurance & Support HHT

The Cure HHT Champion program is a great opportunity to raise money for Cure HHT while training for the athletic event of your choice.


This program is much more than just achieving a personal fitness goal and giving back to charity though. It is about raising awareness for a disease that is unknown and educating the public about signs and symptoms. By becoming a Cure HHT Champion, you are saving someone’s life because the more people who know about HHT can get diagnosed and proper treatment.


When you become a Cure HHT Champion, you receive the support from our community of runners, swimmers, cyclists and adventure-seekers! We will help you set up your own fundraising page, promote your event, assist with logistics and are able to offer advice from our fitness experts!

Ready to become a Champion? Contact us at [email protected] to sign up today.

Want to join or support an existing Champion? See our current Cure HHT Champions and teams below!

Create Your Own Fundraiser

Join thousands of others from across the world to raise critical funds for HHT

If you are unsure about joining one of our planned events and challenges, but you still want to do something for HHT....

Create your own fundraiser!

Almost anything that you and your friends do can be turned into a fundraiser for HHT.

Contact us at [email protected] to get started today!

Looking for inspiration to start your HHT fundraising?

Check out our past fundraisers below!