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UF Health named HHT Center of Excellence

Cure HHT is excited to announce that UF Health has been named the first HHT Center of Excellence in Florida and the 31st CoE in North America.

Cure HHT recognizes hospitals equipped with the personnel, expertise, commitment and resources to provide comprehensive evaluation, treatment and education to individuals with HHT and their families. Recognition as an HHT CoE follows 18 months of training, mentor center communication and site visits from the team at Cure HHT.

UF Health is currently accepting new patients and welcomes your inquiries. To learn more about the new center, click here.

Under the leadership of CoE Director Ali Ataya, M.D., the specialties that support care through the UF Health HHT Center of Excellence include ENT, cardiology, gastrointestinal/hepatology, genetics, interventional radiology, neuroradiology, neurosurgery, and pulmonology.

We are thrilled that HHT multidisciplinary care will now be a reality in Florida and the surrounding areas. Dr. Ataya has organized a team of specialists at University of Florida Health who are both passionate and knowledgeable in the treatment of this disease. We are excited about this new collaboration, as a center in Florida has been long needed, and to take another important step toward making specialized care more accessible to more patients around the world.” – Marianne Clancy, Executive Director, Cure HHT

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Patient Benefits of Screening at an HHT Center of Excellence (COE)
At an HHT COE, specialists work with HHT on a daily basis and they know the signs and symptoms. They evaluate a patient’s whole body, not just a specific organ, and they can refer to other HHT COEs for advice. Other important benefits include:
  • Genetics / Family History: The Center will help trace HHT through generations to identify other “at risk” family members
  • Guidance / Experienced Medical Resource: Once patients have been to an HHT Center of Excellence, local physicians may contact physician(s) at the center for treatment recommendations, second opinions, or clarification of management options

UF Health HHT Center of Excellence
Shands Hospital
1600 SW Archer Road
Gainesville, FL 32608
Schedule an Appointment
(352) 273-8990

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