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Caring for HHT Through the Generations (Recorded)

Dr. Adrienne Hammill guides you through the early stages of life, covering genetic testing, prenatal care, and the significance of early screening for pediatric patients; while Dr. Kevin Whitehead will delve into HHT and aging, addressing aspects such as pulmonary hypertension, changes in medications, and heightened HHT symptoms in adults

Pazopanib: A Groundbreaking Trial for HHT (Recording)

Get your questions answered about our newest clinical trial! Join Cassi Friday, PhD and Jim Gossage, MD as they explain who is eligible, what Pazopanib is and how you can get involved!

Uncovering Your Roots: Decoding Genetic Testing

Discover the power of genetic testing as we uncover the roots of HHT! Join us for an enlightening online education opportunity with Theodore Drivas, MD, PhD, University of Pennsylvania HHT Center of Excellence, and Genetic Counselor, Zahra Girnary, University of North Carolina HHT Center of Excellence, who will guide you through the process of genetic screening, as…

Iron and HHT: Boosting Your Health & Energy with Iron-Rich Foods

Calling all foodies! Grab your apron and head to the kitchen to join Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Kat Benson for our most sizzling online education opportunity yet, as she leads you through an interactive cooking demonstration! Kat discusses the importance of iron in the body, the correlation between iron deficiency and HHT, the best dietary sources of iron, and…

Research Roundtable: An Inside Look at Exciting Clinical Trials

Delve into the exciting clinical research projects underway in HHT! Cassi Friday, PhD will provide an overview of what goes into a clinical trial. Dr. Marie Faughnan (Brain AVM Study), Dr. Keith McCrae (PATH Study), Dr. James Gossage (Pazopanib Trial), and Brian Mangilog (Rare Genomes Project) will share more research projects and the potential impacts…

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