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My HHT Tracker iOS App is Ready to Download!

My HHT Tracker:

An iOS App To Help You Manage Your HHT

Cure HHT is excited to announce that the iOS App My HHT Tracker is ready to download for all North American HHT patients!




My HHT Tracker is a 21st century tool that allows patients to educate themselves about HHT, track health conditions, store health data and organize HHT medical tests. The information in My HHT Tracker allows users to quickly assess blood counts, iron levels, nosebleed scores, oxygen levels, and heart markers. Users will also be able to track nosebleeds, manage doctor appointments, share critical information with their medical team, upload images and test results, and chart the success of HHT treatments.


Visit our My HHT Tracker website to learn more about how My HHT Tracker will help HHT patients. Be sure to also check out the tutorial video for how to download and use My HHT Tracker.


“2018 is the Year of Engagement and we have been thrilled to meet and engage with so many in the HHT community this past summer and spring,” notes Cure HHT Executive Director, Marianne Clancy. “We look forward to staying on the leading edge of this disease with the release of the App, our international conference, and more.”


The initial release of My HHT Tracker is only available on the iOS platform and is only available for Apple users who live in North America. A full global launch of the iOS App will take place approximately one month after the My HHT Tracker app’s initial launch. Depending on feedback and responses from the initial launch, Cure HHT will investigate releasing the App on the Android platform in the future.


For questions and issues related to My HHT Tracker, please email [email protected].





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