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Cure HHT Research Network: Clinician and Scientist Surveys

The Cure HHT Research Network has put together surveys for our medical and basic science communities that will help us to identify research priorities in HHT. Launched in early 2020, the Cure HHT Research Network (CHRN) aims to bring safe, effective treatments to patients more quickly by prioritizing research based on patient needs, broadening and building capacity of the HHT scientific community, and encouraging global collaboration. Learn More About the Cure HHT Research Network What do you think about the state of HHT research? The two anonymous surveys below are part of the CHRN’s effort to gain a holistic understanding of the state of HHT knowledge and research from the perspective of our community members. This will help the HHT Research Network to determine priorities and build a strategic plan for the next 3-5 years. They will also serve to identify gaps in research, pinpoint opportunities for new collaborations, as well as determine ways in which the Cure HHT Research Network might better support our medical and scientific community. Please set aside 10-15 minutes to complete the survey that best applies to you. Tell us about your research! The quick survey below will let us know the type of HHT research projects in which you have recently been involved. This information will also help us to understand the current landscape of HHT professionals and HHT-related research. Please set aside 5 minutes to complete the following survey.

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