We would like to thank Terry Thompson, Jr. for his leadership as President for the past 3 years.  His expertise in strategic planning and setting priorities has shaped the future of funding for new research projects and strategic initiatives. Terry is enthusiastic to continue to drive Cure HHT’s momentum and plans to remain on the board for another year. Thank you Terry for your outstanding service!


Cure HHT is excited to announce that Chandra McMahon will assume the role of President of the Cure HHT Board of Directors effective July 1, 2018. Prior to her current role, she served two years as Vice-President and two years as Treasurer. Chandra’s family has HHT and she is the second generation of the McMahon family to serve on the Cure HHT Board of Directors. We look forward to Chandra’s guidance and direction in the coming years.


Welcome to new Board Members

"People talk about the importance of volunteering for others.  I can think of nothing more important than the volunteer work I am about to take on.  It is hard to put into words the faith I have that a cure for everyone with HHT will be discovered.  Imagining the impact we can have is humbling.  So, being asked to join the Board is the dream, that I never knew I had, come true."  ~ John Dunn


“It was twenty-eight years ago that a name was finally given to a disorder that haunted me from childhood. My doctor gave me the good news and the bad news. I had HHT. My symptoms could be managed but we would never see a cure. Soon after, the HHT foundation was created. Through their passion and tireless efforts, that scenario is changing. I've sat on the sidelines for many years in awe of the work being done to change the lives of so many. I am humbled, honored, and, most of all, excited to be a part of this effort to realize the cure I was told I would never see.”  ~ Marijo McCune


“It is an exciting time as the Foundation considers new avenues for clinical research.   Hoping to better inform on efforts with Pazopanib, and otherwise help review Cure HHT's overall therapeutic development strategy.”  ~ Dennis Sprecher, MD