Raise Awareness for HHT


Why is June HHT Awareness Month so important? What does raising Awareness have to do with finding a cure? Everything!

Raising Awareness of HHT with both the public and the medical/scientific community leads to faster diagnosis, early treatment, and increased attention to our causes. Awareness accelerates our mission to find a cure for this disease that touches all of our lives, and the lives of those we love.

Here are some ways you can increase Awareness of HHT

Download a press kit to send to your local newspaper:

You’ll find a news release, daily fact sheets, and an HHT by the Numbers graphic to use in your local outreach.  

You can also share the daily facts on your social media networks with the hash tag #InThisTogether to raise awareness amongst everyone you know.

Talk to your Healthcare Providers about HHT

Download a brochure to give them on your next visit.