Raise Awareness for HHT


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Why is HHT awareness so important? What does raising awareness have to do with finding a cure? Everything!

Raising awareness of HHT with both the public and the medical/scientific community leads to faster diagnosis, early treatment, and increased attention to our causes. Awareness accelerates our mission to find a cure for this disease that touches all of our lives, and the lives of those we love.

How You Can Increase Awareness of HHT

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Talk to your Healthcare Providers about HHT

HHT symptoms are often mistaken for other conditions - knowing the common misdiagnoses can lead to faster identification and significant improvements in quality of life. Download this comprehensive fact sheet to share with your physician, who may not be familiar with HHT, to provide a roadmap for a better understanding of this disease.

Get Involved

Cure HHT hosts several educational events and community building opportunities each year!

Some of these events include regional educational conferences for both patients and physicians, and family walks. Additionally, we offer free educational materials in our extensive Resource Library.


Share Your Story

Sharing your HHT story strengthens and empowers our community.

It can make all the difference to know you’re not alone when living with a rare disease like HHT.

Here Are More Ways You Can Build Awareness

Participate in Research

Participating in clinical trials and completing scientific research studies can have a huge impact on the diagnosis and treatment of HHT. Click here to learn more about clinical trials and research.

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