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AnemoCheck Mobile App

AnemoCheck Mobile – the world’s first non-invasive, equipment-free smartphone app for noninvasive and instant hemoglobin level estimation is now available for Android and iOS.

The app allows users to check their hemoglobin levels using the camera of their phone to take pictures of their fingernail beds. Cure HHT partnered with the makers of the app, Sanguina, to provide beta testing during its development.

Some of the current features were developed through feedback from our community.  The ability to calibrate the test results with continued use was also developed and will be coming soon as an added feature. Given that over half of HHT patients are anemic, having a non-invasive method to track hemoglobin levels is significant.


Thank you to the members of our community who helped to provide the testing and feedback during the development process. Additionally, please note that the app is out of its beta-testing phase and may now require a nominal fee for use. 

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