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Nosebleed Management – Nurse Cards

This card contains helpful tips for nosebleed management in a format that is ideal for providers who may not be familiar with the care required for HHT-related nosebleeds. Additionally, the card is available for purchase in our store on durable cardstock.

The Rare Genomes Project

The Rare Genomes Project is a patient-driven research project through the Broad Institute that performs full genome sequencing on families with suspected rare disease who do not have a genetic diagnosis. The goal of their project is two-fold: (1) provide access to testing for families that are genetically undiagnosed and (2) discover previously un-identified gene…

HHT Medical Emergency Wallet Card

In the event of an emergency, this printable compact medical card is wallet-sized and can speak for an HHT patient when they can’t. The card features a description of HHT, recommended medical protocols, common HHT related complications, a link for physicians to review resources, and a place to enter your personal information. Printed cards are…

COVID-19 Official Updates Page

Cure HHT Official Health Updates page related to COVID-19, including official updates and statements, as well as links and other resources.

Patient Symptom & Care Checklists

Download and distribute “My HHT Care Checklists” to patients to complete and return to you, including: HHT Care, HHT Diagnosis, Anemia, Brain VMs, Pediatric, Teen Years, Nosebleed, GI Bleeding, Liver VMs, Pregnancy & Delivery, and Pulmonary AVMs. The checklists are based upon updates from the Second International HHT Guidelines published in the Annals of Internal…

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