Diagnosis and Procedure Codes for HHT

Diagnosis and procedure codes are important for insurance processing but they also help determine a more accurate prevalence of the disease. Make sure your medical records are accurate.

HHT International Clinical Guidelines

Published by the Journal of Medical Genetics in 2009, the International Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of HHT is the most comprehensive document to share with your physician. It outlines the screening, treatment and management of HHT as determined by international consensus from HHT experts worldwide.

Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA)

Afraid of genetic discrimination? You are protected by GINA, a federal law that protects individuals from genetic discrimination in health insurance and employment. Genetic discrimination is the misuse of genetic information. This resource provides an introduction to GINA and its protections in health insurance and employment.

Kaiser Family Foundation Guide to the Medicaid Appeals Process

Medicaid appeals process made simple. Kaiser Family Foundation has developed a Guide to the Medicaid Appeals Process which provides case studies, flow charts, timelines, etc. There is a specific appeals process for each type of health insurance including private, public, federal, military, and Medicaid. This guide describes Medicaid’s appeals system, including the fair hearing process…

The Curacao Criteria: Consensus Diagnostic Criteria for HHT

Author: Claire Shovlin, PhD