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Caroline K. Brown

Caroline K. Brown
Our mother, Caroline K. Brown, had HHT and unfortunately passed away from complications that were associated with this disease. It was ruled as cardiac failure. She was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. Unfortunately, she never met or knew her father. As the disease began to show its ugly face, it was determined that he was the carrier since no one in her family had the disease. She was in her 40's when she had to quit working due to the disease. I saw what the disease was doing to my mother and I knew one day I would experience those problems since I too have those same symptoms. I have advised my living siblings to get checked too. My hope is that we all make sure that we are checked on a regular basis and help funding research in HHT. I want to see a cure one day and not just watch it impact our lives. Researchers and medical personnel have done alot; however, we are nowhere where we need to be with HHT so we need to band together to fund research and hopefully one day find the cure.

Dedicated to our Mother.

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Another HHT Sufferer

Linda Gilpin Snyder
So sorry for your loss. I lost my mother 2 weeks ago to HHT and she suffered more than anyone I had ever seen. I hope our future will be brighter.

When HHT touches someone close to you, it's natural to want to share their story with others.

HHT is a relentless disease that affects over one million people around the world. Many of those people are robbed of the opportunities that would allow them to lead a full and normal life. Cure HHT is the only organization in the world dedicated solely to research, education, and advocacy that will allow us to find a cure for this disease. You can make a tremendous impact on our mission and honor a loved one by creating a Memorial or Tribute.

Whether your family has managed HHT for generations or you are the first to be diagnosed, everyone has a story to tell. One of the dynamics that keeps our small community so strong is the constant opportunity HHT families have to relate to one another.