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Aunt Edie

Eduarda Travassos
October 12, 2015 was the saddest day that my family has experienced. My aunt, Eduarda "Edie" Travassos, lost her battle to HHT and pulmonary hypertension (PH). She was only 47 years old and was the youngest of 6 brothers and sisters.

Edie was diagnosed with HHT (which later led to PH) 2 years ago, although she had nosebleeds for much longer than that. Unfortunately, both conditions especially PH progressed quickly and proved to be too late to treat accordingly.

Edie is survived by her loving husband, 2 daughters, 1 son, 2 granddaughters, many nieces and nephews, and so many more. It still feels extremely surreal that our angel is no longer here with us on Earth though I know she is here in spirit. We will never forget how loving and caring she was, her selflessness, positive attitude, infectious smile, and distinct laughter.

In the wake of this tragedy and also discovering that my mother, 2 sisters, and yet another aunt also have HHT, we've learned that we need to be much more educated in this disease. We need to become advocates and raise awareness to our family members and community. We need to get tested to understand who has HHT and how can it be managed so that it does not lead to a devastating outcome such as my aunt Edie's.

I wish I wasn't sharing this story about my aunt Edie's passing and that I was only trying to generate awareness about the HHT disease. Fact of the matter is that it happened and now my entire family is committed to learning more.

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Forever in my heart...

Tania Competiello
My young, beautiful, loving aunt Eduarda 'Edie' was taken from us much too early, at the young age of 47, on October 12, 2015. She was taken from us by this horrible silent disease known as HHT. Her HHT diagnosis progressed to PH which turned fatal a short 2 years later. Some of our family members have HHT, and most recently I tested positive for HHT via genetic testing at age 38. My will, passion and determination to fight this disease in every way I can, are within my body and soul and I will not rest until every person I speak to is aware of HHT and it's ability to be fatal. Rest in peace my beautiful Aunt Edie... Forever in my heart... xoxo

Life changing.

Ruth Coker
I feel your sadness, I myself have both conditions and this last year has been a living hell.I have 5 children 2 have HHT, My mum,older brother and uncle also have it as well. People look at you and because they can't see symptoms assume your ok. Will send positive healing prayers your way . God Bless.

Too young

Michael MacGinty
I hate to be signing this book and yet it is a pleasure to be able to do so as a mark of respect. 47 years young, what a shame not to get more, but what wonderful memories from that span of time that will last forever.

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