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It can be a silent killer...

Sandra Haywood
Today is the last time I got to look into my moms eyes, the last time I got to hear her tell me she loved me... from there she slipped in and out of coma, finally leaving us on October 16th. My mom died at 60 years old. A life cut way to early because of a disease she lived her wholle life never knowing she had until the age of 57. My mom became a case study for the Mayo clinic in MN, and God love her... she put up a fight. I love and miss you mom... xo

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God Bless & Godspeed

Anne Bentley-Louviere
I just learned this year, 1 week after my 51st BD that I have HHT. May God Bless You & Your Family and Comfort You During This Most Difficult Time!! Just Know That Your Mom Is Watching Over You Guys! She Is Now Your Guardian Angel! She's Now Free From HHT!!!

Ann Peckenpaugh
I am so sorry for your loss. I hope you are able to find peace in some way. Sending prayers your way and for our horrible disease to be more understood, as well.

Ali Jacobs/Debra Reiss

Ali Jacobs
On September 8th 2015, I lost my pregnant 34 year old sister, she had a 10 month old daughter. HHT took her away from us all. My heart goes out to you and your family. I have studied this condition for many years but there is still so little awareness of it. My family have been blighted by it all my life. I am donating to the cure hht org in memory of my beautiful sister, your precious mother and hope and pray that in the future, research will find a way to prevent these tragic losses for every family affected with the HHT gene......god bless you all xxxx

zehavit mayer
Sorry to hear this story. Cure hht make a very important job

Deepest sympathy

Angie Ponticello
So sorry for the loss of your mother . Awareness for this silent killer , taking too many people so young .


Aimee Pavlovich
My heart goes out to you and your family.

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