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Federal Chief Judge Conrad B. Duberstein

Federal Chief Judge Conrad B. Duberstein
My father was the Federal Chief Judge of the Bankrupty Court of the Eastern District of New York. The courthouse in Brooklyn Heights N.Y. is named after him. There is also a library at St.John's University in Queens, N.Y. that contains memorabilia of his life. He was considered by hundreds of people from all walks of life to be such a warm, funny, generous, loving man. He was also famous for his never ending bouts of Nosebleeds due to HHT. My father would be sitting on the judges bench, when suddenly, (excuse what I am about to say, please no one take offense) blood would come pouring out his nose, usually landing on a new tie and he would quietly say, "Jesus Christ" with such frustration. But he made everyone laugh because it was so annoying to have these nosebleeds so frequently in a day, that he just always had his cotton balls and tissues, wherever he went. As a child of a father who was one of nine siblings, all the Dubersteins had Osler Weber Rendu as it was previously called. At family gatherings, everyone would joke that they all should stand up together and have a nosebleed. It became actually a funny thing, but everyone suffered. In his 80s, he lived to be 90 and was still the Federal Chief Judge. He had AVMS on his stomach, but we don't know about his lungs or brain. May his Memory be Eternal.

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HHT sucks!

Anne Bentley-Louviere
God Bless & godspeed Chief! My 34yr old daughter & I become comedians when we have nose bleeds if they aren't gushers. It is quite frustrating never knowing when it'll happen! R.I.P.

Sincere Condolences

Karen Sawyer
I think we are related. My grandmother was Anna (Duberstein) Markow of Brooklyn. My mother was Beverly, and she went to Brooklyn College. She passed in 2002 and born in 1922. Both Mom and Nana died due to HHT. We are discovering Dubertseins we never knew by sheer happenstance just recently. Perhaps this horrible genetic defect will bring us more family history. I am sincerely sad for your loss. (HHT has my full permission to give you my contact information if you should so choose.).

Se puede vivir mejor

maria ines schiappacasse
gracias por compartirlo soy parte de los que tenemos esta enfermedad, y el humor muchas veces falta, lo tomaré como ejemplo y como dice su hijo que su memoria sea eterna

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