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An Enchanting Woman

Jeanne Hanley Bradley
Our angel on earth Jeanne Bradley (nee Hanley) 51 years old passed August 15, 2015. She endured and fought a life long battle with HHT. With grace, dignity and an unbelievable sense of humor.
An amazing wife, daughter and sister. An incredible Mom to Liv. Our hearts are shattered, however, we will pick up the broken pieces and our hearts will smile again when we remember her magical power to make us all feel so special. Till we meet again.

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A true Sister

Teri Bradley
Jeannie you were a true part of our family, you were a sister to me, we laughed, we cried, we shared the joys and heartbreaks of raising our children together, nothing can ever take away the beauty of your soul. Scott and Olivia were lucky to have you as a wife and mother. The sunshine you brought to our lives will never dim, You will shine brightly in our hearts and souls forever. You leave a legacy of light and love for our families and everyone that was lucky enough to have you as a part of their lives. You may be gone from earth but your love will never be forgotten.

Hit it with a rag

Jenn Jenn
I wish I would have just had the guts to drive myself just to see you for a day before it was too late. All the times I texted you saying so, I wish I would have. No compliment will ever top being told I remind our family of you, and it will never get old. I'm so grateful to have had you as an aunt and to have so many great and mostly hilarious memories to look back on! Thanks for all of the little and big ways you helped all of your nieces, come into themselves. Xoxo.

Co-HHT patient

Anne Bentley-Louviere
God bless and Godspeed! The family will be in my thoughts, my heart and my prayers! I too have HHT. I found out this year in February one week after my 51st birthday. I hope that I can have and show the same humor and courage that this wonderful angel showed to everyone around her!

Memory Eternal, Comrad!

Ann Carter
With the saints give rest to your servant Jeanne. Where sickness and sorrow are no more, neither sighing, but life everlasting. Memory Eternal+

My sister

Ileen Blair
You were and always will be my idol. You made me laugh and played pranks on me. You would sing to me and take care of me in the middle of the night. You touch lives even when you're not trying. We are all blessed to have known you. You truly were one in a million. When mom and dad moved me to NC you wrote in my birthday card "when you miss me just look at the moon and know I see the same moon". Now, I will look at the stars and know you are shining among them. I love and miss you more than words can express. Make everyone up there laugh!

michelle plumb
I'm so sorry for your loss

Mary Kehoe
Did not know Jeanne...but I do know her sister Laura. I would just like to express my sincerest condolences to the family. Heaven has just gained another Angel.

RIP jeanne???

Sharon Mayo
RIP Jeanne???

Gertie Nearey
I didn't know Jeanne but I know her sister Laura, what a beautiful person you were, all I can say is you were definitely loved. God Bless and my deepest condolences.

Dominick Glespen
Gone much too soon but she leaves behind a lot of great memories

An Honor to know

Rosemary Bradley
When I first met Jeannie she made me feel like we had been friends forever. It was an honor and a privilege to know her and be able to spend time with her. She was a blessing to me. I have many special memories of her. She was and still is an angel.

Noreen O'Donnell
Jeanne my beautiful niece. A beautiful child, a beautiful woman, a beautiful person. R.I.P.

Laura Bartlett
10 months, miss you so much. We talk about you everyday. You were always our angel. Your laugh and sense of humor still make my heart smile.

Laura Bartlett
Still so hard without you. We all miss you.

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