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Amazing 9 year old

Hannah Pourciau
I have a amazing 9 year old daughter named Hannah Grace. She was diagnosed with HHT at 6 months old when she had a stroke. The problems she had at 6 months old were so bad that the doctors didn't believe she would make it. We found that she had two brain AVMs. Hannah is a fighter and before we knew it we were going home. Over the years Hannah has been monitored closely. At 7 we found several AVMs in her lungs. Most of them were to small to fix,but the doctor was able to get two. She did well for a couple of years. One night Hannah began to have problems breathing so I rushed her to the ER. She was immediately put on oxygen and admitted. Although we had annual scans new AVMs had formed. It was like it happened over night. Hannah had another surgery that was able to coil three more AVMs. Today she is doing well but the doctors continue to watch her closely. Hannah is such an amazing child. She doesn't let any of her medical problems slow her down. She fights every day of her life.

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My Angel

Michael Lea
I love you so much my dear niece. I will always be there for you.

Marie Boyles
Hannah you are amazing, I hope you feel better soon you will be in my prayers 🙂

God\'s Grace

Rebecca Osborne
This is a precious child that God has placed in our lives. Her name is Hannah Grace. Hannah means grace, so my nickname for Hannah is Gracie Grace! I call her this because of the grace God has shown her! We love her very much and there MUST be funding to find a cure and a way to stop it from ever happening. Please, support this cause and donate to the funding!! Thank you!

never forget

Monica Pruitt
I remember the phone call when this precious baby had herstroke at 6 mos old. We prayed all night and went to hospital next day. All though over the years we have lost touch i always pray for Hannah. Gods hands are on this child and all the glory goes to him. Love you Heather and Hannah

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