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HHT takes another family member

Gary Jones
My uncle Gary Donald Jones was our family HHT ambassador. His father passed this to his only two children (sons). I'm not sure how many of my uncle's four blood children was passed down this disease nor my dad's four birth children except I have started the genetic testing for our family and I'm positive. Two of my three blood children have also been positively diagnosed. My uncle passed last week and was buried yesterday. Cause of death is an anureusym caused by a PAVM or many thanks to HHT and I don't know if they could have saved him if he had gone to the E/R as soon as symptoms started. Please get your children tested for the preventative things they can. Unfortunately, my 15 year old daughter has a PAVM that is being watched by UCLA.

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When HHT touches someone close to you, it's natural to want to share their story with others.

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