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In Memory of Trish Linke

Trish Linke
Over twenty-four years of volunteer service, Trish changed the lives of countless families and individuals in our community. No task was too small nor too large. Every day Trish offered hours of her time to maintaining our contact database, mailing information packets to new patients, designing educational pamphlets for families and physicians to understand HHT, and organizing many years worth of HHT conferences. It was Trish who in 1996 convinced the Board of Directors to put the HHT Foundation online so we might better serve a growing international population. She provided crucial screening, treatment and referral education to patients on the forum prior to the arrival of Facebook or any social media.

All of us at Cure HHT are deeply saddened by this loss. We know that many, many members of our community will grieve with us in the coming weeks, months, and years as we remember Trish and everything she did for us, and as we strive to continue her incredible work. We offer our deepest sympathies and support to the Linke family – to Trishe’s husband Frank with whom she shared more than fifty years of marriage, to her children Kathy and Matthew, and to her granddaughter Courtney.

We invite you to sign the guestbook for our tribute to Trish – you are welcome to share a story or fond memory, or simply express your condolences at this time.

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Trish was one of a kind!

Nicole Schaefer
Trish was passionate about saving lives. She monitored the website, discussion forum and eventually Facebook 365 days a year. Trish gave more of herself for HHT than anyone can imagine. I will miss her perseverance, compassion and commitment along with her positive attitude and beautiful smile. My prayers are with the Linke family and the HHT community worldwide.

Cure HHT

Judy Sweren
So sorry to the family of Trish for their loss. There are no words to describe the loss the HHT community will feel without her knowledge and support. She was always there for anyone who needed a question answered, information or just support. Truly a devastating loss.

Kim Stock
I am so sorry for your loss. Heaven has gained an amazing woman! She will be missed.

A part of all of us is missing now.

Jim LeDrew
The passing of Trish effects us all she was always there to offer advice and listen to our story. We need to bring this disease we all have right to the front of the medical world. These losses should never happen. Our prayers and thoughts to her family that too have contributed much of their lives to helping others.

Sheila Hutman
My deepest sympathy to your family

A True Treasure

Heather Karakashian
I first heard of Trish a few years ago when I became an HHT Facebook member. A question was asked…her name would pop up with the answer. A question was asked…a few minutes later, Trish Linke would provide an answer. A smile would come to my face every time she would advise, refer, or just understand another's struggle with HHT. It was always such a relief when she would steer a new member in the right direction to receive help. She helped so many people to not be as afraid as they were just a few moments earlier. Last year in Santa Clara, I stalked her and had to thank her personally for all of her help. She will be truly missed in our small, bloody world of HHT. Thank you, Trish for all you did. Thank you, Trish. My thoughts and prayers are with Frank, Kathy, Matthew, and Courtney.

Sympathies to Trishs Family

Trish provided me with much valuable info at the beginning of the HHT website.

In Loving Memory

Marianne Clancy
Trish was my friend and colleague for 20 years. She was the most selfless individual I have ever known. She was compassionate, loyal and believed that all people with HHT should become educated and an advocate for this disease. She was an optimist and believed that research is the answer. We shared many years of evolution through the HHT Foundation and I will never forget her as she offered many hours of her time as I went through my own personal journey with HHT. She imparted her vast stores of knowledge with all who asked and saved thousands of lives throughout the world. We all will miss you dearly, Trish

Thank you for all you did for hht.

Jennifer Thill
Trish help my family navigate the world of HHT when we where scared and over whelmed. We will never forget her. Our deepest condolences to her family.

HHT Patient

Ann R.
My deepest condolences to the Linke family for the loss of your beloved Wife and Mother. Praying you will be lifted by the Love she gave and the wonderful memories you have.

Trish helped somany...will be missed by all.

sue ward
When my mother and grandmother were suffering with HHT, there was almost no help or information available for them. When I was diagnosed, I found the HHT email address and Trish answered all my questions... provided me with literature for my doctor and dentist. She was an inspiration and leaves a lasting legacy. The community lost a hero....

Katie & Mitch Kloder
Our deepest sympathies go out to Trish's family. We didn't know her personally, but it is apparent she was an amazing woman with so many talents. She will be sorely missed by the Cure HHT community


Margaret Haggerty
May Trish rest in blissful peace... She was so giving of herself, encouraging and empowering us. She was so genuine in her caring that it feels like we knew her personally, like we were friends to whom she promised something. We would ask a question and she responded quickly, candidly, and supportively. Deepest condilences to your family from ours.

Heartfelt condolences.

Angela McEwan
I did not know Trish but since a dear friend has HHT I have seen the results of Trish's dedicated work. Deepest condolences to her family and the HHT community.

A tireless advocate

Alexia Dunay
My heart goes out to all for the loss of Trish..She was a wealth of information and worked hard to give each of us answers to our questions

Remembrance from Saskatoon

Cathy Barisow
Frank, Kathy, Matthew and families, We are so very sad to hear of this tragic news. Trish's commitment to helping people so graciously, her determination to elevate the profile of HHT with such steadfastness and her deep love of her beloved family are to be honoured. She was a faithful, caring soul. Thank you for sharing in Trish's journey so selflessly. We remember her fondly, Words cannot express our feeling of loss.I was proud to call her cousin. We will be in touch. Peace and much, much comfort to you, Cathy and Bob

My champion for a cure

Audrey Smallwood
So sorry to hear of Trish's passing, she was so passionate about educating and helping those with HHT and their families. She was a champion whom helped push to cure HHT, a dream I hope is one day realized. I am grateful that she unselfishly gave of herself to inform and support so many of us that suffer from HHT. God bless her family during this time nd I'm sending prayers of strength and comfort.

Our family was blessed by your work!

Keith Bryson
2011 was when my wife and kids were originally diagnosed with HHT. Trish was extremely helpful in during those early stages as we sought out information about the disease. Thank You Trish! To the family of Trish may god bless you!

Nancy Shermoen
Trish Linke was the ultimate HHT advocate for all. I feel so privileged to have met and visited with Trish at the HHT convention in San Diego. My sincere sympathies to her family for their loss. She will be missed by so many people whose lives she touched.

My sympathies

O. LaSalle
I'm so sorry to hear of Trish passing. Since my interaction with HHT @Yale since '97, she has been a big part of my communication when I needed help. I was especially moved when she sent me an email sympathizing over the loss of my father from HHT 12 years ago. It held so much meaning to me as she mentioned her own father dying a few weeks before mine. I still have the email. She seemed like such a caring person.

So sorry for your loss.

Faith Whitehead
Trish has always been there for all of us. Many times when I had questions Trish would answer them but also Explain them.She was such an inspiration l, she will be Greatly missed. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you sharing you wife and mom with us all! God bless.

Mary Coombs-Baggs
I talked to Trish on the phone a few times when I was first trying to set up testing for HHT. That was before genetic testing was available. She was very knowledgeable and kind in advising me. She will be missed.


Keith and Jane Scouten
As Information liaison and over 24 years of volunteer service for HHT International, Trish Linke was the very first person I ever had contact with at the HHT International Foundation. She was the one who gave me all the information I needed to get the operation I had that saved my life.. I admired her strength and dedication as She was an unstoppable, formidable, determined warrior in the fight against HHT.. Over the years Trish and I became close friends with so many similar interests from Star wars to Star Trek to true facts about Stars in the sky and we shared a common pride in our families back round and shared so many interesting facts with each other about family history..over those same years I learned what a truly amazing person she was. many hearts are broken to see our dear friend go, she will be so deeply missed by Jane and I and people all over the world..Thoughts and Prayers go out to the her family

She Will Know

Karen Sawyer
I did not know her, but she was always there with intelligent answers. She was a scholar of this crazy thing we all share, and her knowledge and caring reached many. Somehow I know that she will know when great strides are made. There will be a star that will sparkle from above for all of us now and in the future in the HHT world. May Peace be hers forever. It was so earned.

Looking for a cure for HHT!,

Janet Heatherly
Trish will be greatly missed. She was the first person I was in contact with concerning the Eakins family and our many family members who have HHT this was in 1999. I talked with her at the family conference in St. Louis, Mo? Such a wonderful person. She was such a blessing to so many people. My prayers are for her husband and family members, that God would give comfort and peace in the comming weeks to each one of them.

Thank ?you Trish

Chris Madden
Trish was an outstanding inspiration to those with HHT. Her generosity of commitment , time and involvement will continue to live on. Our family mourns her passing and celebrates her life . Sincerely, Chris Madden and Family

Trish - A Pearl of Great Price

Margaret Brautigam
Trish was so kind to me and gave helpful guidance about HHT issues and looked past my anger at the loss of my daughter and now my three sisters to HHT. To educate the HHT community while battling HHT herself is a tribute to her tenacity. After many bouts of anemia and low oxygen, I know the struggle and the grit it takes each day. We bless Trish as she enters the Throne of God.

So Sorry

Gerard Murray
So sorry to hear of such a sad loss. She answered questions I had concerning my HHT very promptly and was a great help. Gerard from Ireland.

Thank You Trish!!

Georgia Hendricks
I'm so sorry to hear that Trish has passed away, my thoughts and prayers are with her family & friends. Trish was a wonderful, passionate, kind loving woman. The HHT community was changed for the better because of her commitment to the cure!! RIP Trish!

Trish my rock, Rest in Peace

Angela Ponticello
Condolences and prayers to the Linke family. Trish was a devoted knowledgeable person that helped her extended HHT family all over the world . She will greatly missed by many especially myself on my hospital visits when I would always have Trish talk to me at all hours of the night. Rest in Peace our beautiful Trish,

A real loss for the Linke and HHT family

James Gossage
Trish was a tireless advocate for HHT. She was constantly scouring the web for information on HHT, sometimes out of personal interest and sometimes to answer a question for a patient in need. She would forward some of these queries to me as Medical Director and almost always her analysis was right on the money. She often found papers that I knew nothing about! I am grateful to have one of her lovely water colors hanging in our house to remember her by.

A Woman of Valor

Arlene Salkin
I am deeply saddened to learn of Trish's passing. Most sincere condolences to the Linke family and to the entire HHT family as well. Trish was our first HHT friend from the early beginning of the HHT Foundation. Along with Dr. Robert White, she was the source of information, comfort and support to all of us in the endeavor to learn about HHT and to live productive lives with it. Wise and dear and kind - Trish never failed to advise and guide. Truly a woman of valor.

the greatest love and respecy

Tracey Beckman
So incredible sad. I just wanted to say thank dear lord for such giving all of us such an incredible women. Many many thank u to her. Prayers for the family

Dear friend

Marie White
Trish and Frank have been our very good friends for 50 years. I can't imagine a world without Trish. We are so proud to have known you and see you grow and make such an impact on this disease. Our lives have been so much richer for your friendship my friend. Our family sends condolences to Frank, Kathy, Matthew and Courtney.. Marie and Larry

Thank you, Trish .....

Katie Liddell
I am shocked and deeply saddened to read this news. My heartfelt condolences to her family who so kindly and generously shared her with all of us for many years. Rest in peace, friend. With love and appreciation. Katie

An Amazing Lady

Carol Derksen
So shocked and saddened to hear of Trish's passing. She was an amazing resource for myself, my family and the HHT community. Our thoughts and prayers to Trish's family. She was an amazing lady.

Denise Unruh
Prayers for the Linke family. Trish was the first person who answered questions and shared knowledge with me. The HHT community has lost a huge asset but that in no way compares to your loss. Thank you for sharing Trish with us.

May you be comforted in your loss!

Neeta Pai
All of us that have known Trish via Facebook HHT groups are shocked and saddened by our loss. In spite of knowing Trish a short time, having met her at last year's HHT Conference and stayed in touch with her by writing, feel like I have known her all my life. Sending prayers that may Trish's family be comforted at this difficult time with her fond memories. We will all be grateful to Trish for the passion with which she spent many hours on line to educate us patients and our families with one main goal of saving lives. Thank you for all your efforts, Trish! Rest in peace. Deepest heart felt sympathies to the family.

Rebekah Beautyman
Im in shock at the news, yet again bloody HHT has taken yet another amazing individual. I can not imagine what Trish's family and friends are going through. I was blessed to connect with Trish through HHT, she provided endless information and support when we found AVM on my liver, and provided information for the specialist i was seeing. In Australia we dont have specific centre's for HHT, but Trish helped us ensure our doctors were up to date with latest information. Trish you will be missed, say hi to Ian and keep the party going till we arrive. RIP xxx

Kurt Runnqvist
I am very, very sorry to hear about the departure of Trish Linke. As someone said, she will be missed all over the world.

Sara Kendrick
Trish was one of the first people I talked to in the early 90's , she was always so helpful , when I was trying to figure out this HHT thing . She will be greatly missed , my condolences to her family.

A tireless advocate!

Markie Price
Trish was the first to welcome me to the web - I learned so much from her and am forever grateful! I have shared her wealth of information with my family - many of us have benefitted from her knowledge! My sincere condolences to her family.

Thank You Trish!

Stan Sayers
Trish will be missed by all of us who found her knowledge and understanding to be the one constant that we could always fall back on for information and support. Trish we will always miss you.

Thank you

Calay Mayo
When I found this group on Facebook, I was skeptical because I didn't know how supportive it would be to read other HHT stories. I was wrong to be skeptical. I often read with tears streaming down my face. Today was no exception when I received the email from Cure HHT about losing Trish. Heaven has gained a true advocate for others. I've read so many stories, Trish's included, and I am both saddened and encouraged by them. It is a great company of people to be in and Trish has been the lifeline of our group since I have joined. Everyone turned to her for advice, comfort and support. She had so much to give. I hope she knows how loved she was by many of us. To her family, my prayers are with you and, thank you, thank you so much for sharing Trish with us.

Annhilde J Birkestrand
So sorry to hear this. My condolence to Trish family.

Trish will be missed

Colleen Belerose
So sorry for your loss to Trish's family and friends. I emailed trish about 2 1/2 years ago. I was asking her a few questions concerning my mom.I was a little curious about my mom having so many blood transfusions. And I also have HHT so I wanted to know more info on our disease.. Trish knew that I was worried and instead of messeging me back. She phoned me long distance..I live in edmonton...I was so thankful for her kindness and she also sent me info on my mom's heart congestive failure due to a VM on her liver.. Trish was a fountain of information... I was so gteatful to her.. She will dearly be missed.. Now my mom is suffering even more from this Debilitating disease.. The only thing that is keeping my mom alive is the blood transfusions! My heart gose out to Trish's family. I know the out come for my mom... God bless trish's family.... Yours truly Colleen xoxo

Sad News

Brian Cullen
Sad news. My condolences to Trish's family and friends. She was obviously a very special lady. Love and prayers from North Wales, U.K.

HHT patient

Christine O'Dwyer
My sincere sympathies to Trish'sfamily at this very sad time. A terrible loss to all.


Deborah Proctor
May the peace that surpasses all understanding be with Trish's family. She was truly a lovely person as is her husband and other family members.

Misty Arndt
I have heard stories of this beautiful lady's heart. While I did not know her personally, I wish to offer my condolences to her family and friends. I know she made a difference in the lives of many people. God Bless your heart.

With Heartfelt...

Kathy Beckwith
Condolences to the family during this difficult time. I did not know Trish, but I am very grateful for the work she did for all affected by HHT. Thanks for sharing this memorial with us.

Patricia Dwyer
A wonderful and concerned friend.

Shona MacLeod
So sorry to hear of Trishe's passing. She was a great help to me in gathering information about HHT and giving advice when my mother became ill. A helpful, kindly lady.

Sorry for your loss.

Jeannie Bennett
I am so sorry about the loss of your wife, Mother, Grandmother & friend. She was a great help to my Daughter. Always there to talk to, to reassure her. I had never heard of her until my Daughter was diagnosed with this obscure disease. I had never heard of HHT before either. My Daughter was hysterical when she found out Trish had passed on. I am truly sorry for your loss and the loss of her friendship to my daughter. God Bless and keep you in his loving care.

Diagnosed with HHT in 1975

Joyce Ryan
Truly sorry for your loss.She was a special person.

Wonderful heart....

Leila lea Martin
I met Trish about 5 years back. After visiting her on several occasions, I realized we had a few things in common. We both loved animals, loved to read and had a library of books to call our own and collected action figures of which we kept in the original packaging. :). We also shared the importance of friends and especially family. However, there was one thing that Trish had that I'm still working towards achieving and that would be the patience, understanding and natural ability she had towards teaching my son. She was very caring and took whatever time was needed to explain the importance of something or show how it worked. She was excellent with children and has made a difference in many lives. Trish was a very strong and caring woman and will be missed.

Such sad news

Mark & Moira Kelly
Trish always gave us her support. When we were struggling in our early days of finding our way through the HHT minefield. When everywhere you went no one had heard of it, she was the link, she gave us the information, advice, contacts, support and nothing was too much trouble, email after email as we crossed each and every hurdle. Its a sad loss. Thank you Trish, RIP. Sincere condolences to her family at this sad time.

One in a Million

Debbie and Don Drysdale
With heartfelt sympathy to the Linke family. We are forever grateful for Trish's dedication and accomplishments. She is a beacon in our community and a challenging act to follow.

Kelly Johnston
This day has ended with me nearly speechless. I can not express how deeply saddened I am at this enormous loss. I never met Trish face to face but had many chats with her both thru the facebook pages and in personal messages. She was a great source of both information and inspiration and her words of wisdom will be missed. To Trish's family my sincere sympathy in the sad time. To my HHT family, many hugs. 2015 is proving to be a challenging year for us all. Stay safe, healthy and strong!

Our Most Dedicated Advocate

Valerie Smith
A truly great advocate to all of us from day one. How many times did people call out to her on these pages when one of us was in serious need of quick help/accurate info. and she replied. There will never be another.......Godspeed, Trish Linke. Forever grateful....

vania Dowding
Trish was a very important person,helping me from afar,giving love and lots of explanations prior and post operation when I had my Amplatzers put in. Her courage transformed into courageous and that this strength accompanies her in her life ahead. Our deepest sympathies to her family.

Shining Bright

Kim Kellestine
Trish, she will be sadly and greatly missed by everyone. I was very lucky to have spoken with her and greatly appreciate all her help and information she sent me in regards to my daughter Linda Jutras - she gave us faith to keep going no matter what and from the bottom of my heart I thanked her. She was a great inspiration to me so I could help my daughter while she was pregnant for her 4th child - as that is when we found out that we both had HHT. God has now a new shining star looking out for all of us. Thankyou.

Trish forever changed my life and my son's life by sharing her knowledge after we were both diagnosed with HHT. She answered questions no one else could. She was a wealth of information and her legacy will live on forever through those she helped. My sincere condolences to the Linke family.

Thank you

David Bash
Trish was an amazing woman. It is one thing for a family to grieve over the loss of a loved one. It is perhaps the measure of a person for a whole community to also grieve. I first heard of Trish upon joining an HHT Facebook group. Her name was not only everywhere, but it was also the source of concise, specific information and guidance. Soon I started asking a few questions and was truly amazed, not by her answers, but how fast they came. Being on the west coast, my posts tended to be late at night; but no matter what the time, it seemed that she was always there with a quick response. She truly made an impact on our community and will be sorely missed.

A wonderful person

Doug Marchuk
I am so sorry to hear about the passing of Trish. Much of my earliest contact with the HHT Foundation was through Trish. She was wonderful advocate for the HHT families. She will be missed.

A Rare Contributor

Bob Berkman
Several years ago the Executive Committee of the HHT Board made a commitment to acknowledge publicly those people whose actions consistently and outstandingly showed a long-term commitment to the treatment and support of individuals whose life was effected by HHT. We quickly came to the conclusion that Trish Linke was definitely that person. We also concluded that this should be a legacy award, so we named it for her. This award is presented at every National Patient Conference. Her memory is etched in the hearts of all who knew her and who benefited from her dedication and wisdom.

Barbara Isenburg
My thoughts are with the Family of Trish Linke I am so sorry to learn of the passing of Trish. My thoughts are with her family and those they love at this most difficult time.


Clemencia Hernandez
Words cannot express my gratitude for the great advice and assistance you provided throughout the years. Your suggestions and referrals were greatly appreciated. Thank you for all you did. You leave a huge hole, but will always remember you. To your family, my sincerest condolences.

Vice President, HHT Canada Foundation

Christine Fraser
Trish, we will miss you. You have contributed so much help and effort for the HHT Canada support group. To Trish's family. My fmaily's thoughts and prayers are will you all at this sad time.

Sincere Sympathy

Carol Corbo
Though I did not know Trish, I feel that I do after reading all about her. I am sorry to her family for their loss. I wish there was a way that I can volunteer help with the HHT foundation. I was recently diagnosed the disease and its been a struggle. Rest in Peace and may God help your family, friends and colleagues through this difficult time. With sincere sympathy.

Angela, Katelyn, Anthony and Greg Brown
Trish was an amazing woman with such a vast knowledge of HHT...but there was more...she delivered information in a no nonsense way and always had compassion and empathy for those she interfaced with. She had a true balance of direction and compassion. Trish will be missed and thought of each day that family will have her and her family in our thoughts and prayers. God speed Trish...

An amazing woman

Becki Nelles
I will never forget the kindness, empathy, and education that Trish showed me after I was diagnosed with HHT in 1996. At that time, no doctors knew much about HHT. All I was told was that I had a genetic disorder for which there could be life threatening consequences and no cure, diagnostic test or treatment. Trish directed me to Dr. Frank Miller in Utah who saved my life by closing my pulmonary AVMs. Trish was an invaluable source of information for HHT patients. She will never be replaced. My condolences to her family, friends, and other HHT patients. Trish was an amazing woman. She was truly one of a kind.

Our dear Trish

Meira Heiman
The news on Trish’s death hit us like a bomb. For us, Trish was not only a source of information, but also good a friend. This friendship was formed at our first meeting in 1997. At every conference we exchanged experiences, learned from her and had a great time. So did our husbands. There was not a single question for which she didn’t provide me with answers or consultation. Not only we, but all the HHT patients who participated in the Internet forums of HHT Foundation International, received answers to their questions from Trish, immediately. The decades of efforts by this knowing, caring and pleasant woman have forever left her in our hearts, as demonstrated by the photo below. (From right to left: The Heiman’s from Israel, Trish and Frank Linke, Denis and his wife). Our private correspondence concerning our personal problems, will be greatly missed by my husband and myself. As will a person who could always be relied upon for help. She will be missed by everyone who knowed her. Sincerely yours, Meira Heiman The president of the Israeli HHT Association in memory of Benjamin Getz

Madere Olivar
I am so sorry to hear of Trish's passing. She was a terrific moderator, and handled the FB group so admirably. I do not know what your plans are for the FB group, but I wondered if it might help you to partner with Ben's Friends to continue your community, and specifically with I am the Community Manager for Ben's Friends and a moderator on AVMSurvivors. My son had a facial avm. I have frequently referred members with diagnosed or suspected HHT to your website and FB group, and Trish kindly allowed me to refer your members to AVMSurvivors when appropriate. AVMSurvivors has nearly 7,500 members, and an HHT subgroup that is relatively inactive but could be re-formed. If you have potential moderators, we can train them. If this might be in any way helpful to you, please get in touch. I want to make sure HHT patients continue to have a supportive community.

Urban Geisthoff
This is a great loss and I am sad to hear it. It was a pleasure to work with her and she was really dedicated to help others.

Rosemary Newaj
I was so sad to hear of the passing of Trish Linke. Like many suffers from HHT I have received information from her and read avidly all the information given throughout the years you have been online. A friend has indeed be lost but never to be forgotten.

Thank You Trish

Marla Hamilton
I never met Trish but several times when I posted a question on an HHT Facebook page, she answered my question and emailed me information that was very helpful. Every time I received information from her, I felt that I was getting the REAL information, not just an opinion. It was very reassuring. I'm so sorry for the family's loss and for all of us who have HHT. Thank you to Trish for her pioneering efforts so that all of us have benefitted.

Remembrance from Vancouver

Jane Wace
I spoke to Trish several times over the phone and only met her the once at last year's conference in Santa Clara. She was very supportive and answered all my questions. I live in Vancouver, close to Langley and by chance ran into Trish, Frank and some family members at a theatre performance last summer. It was lovely to see her again. I am saddened by her loss and plan on attending a memorial service, if there is one. My condolences to her family.

Kim Martin
My deepest sympathies to the Linke family. May your loss be comforted by the sweet memories of Trish who loved without measure, worked tirelessly, and cared for thousands of strangers without ever asking for anything in return. May we all learn lessons from Trish's life and continue her legacy of care and determination. God bless you Frank, Kathy, Matthew, and Courtney.

Rip dear Trish

Charmaine Bester
Trish was anamazing lady! Nothing was too much trouble ,she went out of her way to assist me in South Africa. I will miss her dearly!

A tribute to Trish

Pat & Bob
Probably no other person associated with HHT is more deserving of a tribute by the HHT world than Trish. Trish was more knowledgeable about HHT than most and more importantly, she transmitted her knowledge to many. Like so many of the volunteers, her husband Frank, was always there as a support for her. Bob and I have known Trish since HHT's modern beginning in the mid-1980's. Trish, without the assistance of medical training, quickly transformed a lot of medical gibberish into English we all could understand. The first HHT logo she designed was futuristic, symbolic, and demonstrated a caring family motif. Clever, artistic, warm, loving, caring, altruistic all adorned in integrity ~ that was Trish Linke ~ a womyn to emulate. We will always honor her memory. Pat & Bob

Thank you Trish

Kim Canning
Trish was always right there....I would not have gotten through this without her support and encouragement. Thank you Trish for being an angel on earth.

from Alberta

Brenda McCloy
Trish was always a special person. I admired her so much, my amazing "older" cousin, especially her love for and pride in her family,her zest for life,her sense of fun and adventure,and her "can do" attitude. Those qualities stand out for me and stayed with her always. I know how important she was to the people in her world. She will be missed by so many. Special thoughts and love are sent to Frank, Kathy, Matthew and families.

Mike Higgins
Our Deepest Sympathy,thoughts and prayers to the Linke Family.

The Little Things Lost

Pat Webb
More than anything, it will be the little things I'll miss. I could count on any email joke forwarded by Trish would be REALLY funny, ROFL funny. It was an understanding that ONLY really funny jokes were forwarded. I got one today that was worthy of being forwarded, but instead all I could do is cry, Trish is gone. A Face Book post announced it's Star Wars Weekend at Disneyworld, but I won't be able to watch the new Star Wars movie coming out in December because Trish will never see it and all I could do is cry, Trish is gone. We talked about who would replace her when the time came last year. There is nobody. No one can replace Trish and all I could do is cry, Trish is gone.

Marlene Brown
We are so sad to hear of Trish's passing. She has been very helpful for us and such a bright light and comfort to us here on the other side of the world where there are no Specialist Clinics. Our hearts go out to all her family and we thank them all for sharing Trish with us. Although we did not know her, we do know that she was was one very special and amazing lady.


Mary Leigh Krock
For 10 years Trish was mentor, friend; and Virtual Canadian colleague. Trish has been described as all knowing and knowing everyone- certainly true in the HHT community, where she was the consummate student and teacher. HHT Research was her chocolate. I remember her compassion, concern and relentless drive to help each and every person with HHT anywhere in the world. Trish was also a beautiful student of nature. In Trish's own words, in her last email to me, she shared her joys " At least the sun is shining and the hummingbirds are sucking sugar water like crazy. Juvenile eagle flew past them and they nearly jumped out of their skins! I doubt he even saw them at the speed they travel." God speed, my friend Trish.

a sister-in-law to remember!!

ruth smith
besides all the work Trish did with HHT, she was also a wonderful party person. I remember all the party parties with special cakes for the children. She taught me how to make the train cake for my son's birthday. A doll cake for my daughter's birthday. Halloween parties were the greatest. Hot chocolate after our ice skating sessions. All wonderful family memories!! I will truly miss Trish.

Sophia Philion-Hunter
It was a pleasure to have met the people in your life. They were dedicated and lovely. I know you must have been an amazing person since it was reflected in your loved ones. You proved to have much strength and that shone through. All my best

Our Best Friend

Paddy Campbell
I think Trish was the best friend that our HHT tribe has ever known. Her dedication and comprehensive knowledge of our disorder was remarkable. Her seemingly tireless willingness to share that knowledge has made us all safer and less afraid. Trish was the first person who reached out to me - years before the internet - and made me feel that perhaps I COULD live with HHT. I will miss her kindness and her counsel so much. I hope we can honour her memory by continuing to help ourselves and each other with love and patience. My deep sympathy to her family. Dear Trish, rest in peace.

With Deepest Sympathy

Kay Garsnett
Trish has been with us throughout this journey, always there with valuable information and much-needed support. She was truly one of God's angels on Earth. My thoughts and prayers are with the Linke family. She will be greatly missed.

A great HHT advodate

Michelle Letarte
I was shocked to receive a phone message from Frank telling me that Trish had passed away. We then had a long conversation talking about Trish and what a cherished and truly wonderful person she was. Trish and I first connected in 1995, soon after I joined the HHT community as a researcher. She was a true believer in the benefits of research to advance the cause of HHT. She participated very early on in our studies and encouraged many pregnant women to contribute placenta and umbilical cord to help us establish a diagnosis of HHT. She also loved our mouse models and was convinced that it was a great way to dissect mechanisms of HHT and test potential treatments. At the Toronto HHT conference, she visited our laboratory with many other HHT patients and that has remained a highlight of my career. It is not often that patients with the disease you are studying on a daily basis can come to your laboratory and discuss scientific facts as personal findings. Trish had a true understanding of HHT and the facility to explain in layman's terms the concepts, and a compassionate way to address patients and deal with the problems and offer encouraging words and provide solutions. She had a wonderful sense of humour and a good laugh. We also shared the love of painting and nature. To Frank and his family, I offer my deepest sympathies and to Trish, I thank you for all you did for HHT.

Missing Trish

Olga Byrd
Trish did so much for so many of us. And, she remembered me from having served on the same Board at the very beginning of the Foundation. And she continued to serve so magnificently all of these following years. She cannot be replaced., No one person could fill her shoes. It is a sad day for all of us as well as for her family.

She will be dearly missed

Sharon Ralph (nee Northcott0
Trish lived up the street during our school years. In grade 7 we had to take the bus to school together. I remember having to do a project in school together, so Trish chose being an astrologist. She was always so cleaver and dived into it but I am sure it was her leading the blind (me)as I really didn't know anything about the project. She introduced me to attending church and we would go to CGIT together at church and rush home to watch Liberache on the TV. Trish moved to Surrey and I came out to see her occasionally as it was quite far from Burnaby those days. She introduced me to horse back riding, and many other things. Few years went by with no contact and we once again met up. We were both married and she was living in Surrey and I in Delta. We stayed in contact again and visited her and Frank at there home many times while the kids played but once again we drifted apart. I had been looking in the phone book for their name, on facebook and different avenues to try and find her again but wasn't successful. I had no idea she was ill with HHT. She was a wonderful person and in our high school years her home was a very safe place for me. I shall always remember her and only wish I had made that last contact. Our prayers go to the Linke family and Sam and I are so sorry to hear of your loss.

Rest in Peace

Gabrielle Tilden
Trish's passing is a great loss, not only to her family and friends, but also to all of those individuals who used the HHT Foundation's website. Trish was a dedicated professional. I interacted with Trish on several occasions and was always treated with empathy and like a friend.

Thank you, Trish

Shirley Chessman
I am forever grateful for Trish as a resource for the Foundation. I was so glad to meet her at last year's Family Conference. She is truly missed.

Thank You

Thanks for your years of service

A big example for all

Pierluigi Fornasini
I'm an Italian doctor with HHT and I wanted to pay a tribute to Trish. She was the first person I sent an email to in the 90's. And she was so kind as to reply to me ASAP. Since then, I participated in creating a HHT Association in Italy. I will never forget the words she wrote me. Bye Trish, may you RIP.

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