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Ian Lovejoy
My Pop had HHT. He suffered nosebleeds that sometimes were fatal, but he was always lucky. But the last time he wasn't. The ambulance crew worked on him for an hour, but his body wasn't able to fight back. He passed away from a major bleed.

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I Will Miss You Dad

Fiona Mitchell
it was never going to be time. I was never going to have had long enough with you to learn all you had to teach me. You were my hero and Heros are not supposed to die. I never really believed the day would come. I watched you battle and come out kicking each time. I guess you got tired of fighting. I guess your heart grew weary. I will miss you every day of forever dad. It's been a long day, without you my friend And I'll tell you all about it when k see you again ????????????????

Patricia Rhoads
You taught all of us HHTer's to fight the good fight and never give up. Your humor about our disease will be sorely missed by all. RIP Ian, may God smile upon you and your family.

Stephanie Savage
My deepest condolences to you and your family.

My brother, my inspiration.....

Lee Julian
Ian, oh how l miss your inspirational words of encouragement to me. You were the strongest person l knew and l guess l always thought you would overcome one nosebleed to the next. It was too much for your body on the 23rd of May and you slipped away, leaving a devastated family behind. Along with the sadness comes the feeling of relief that you are now at peace after a brave struggle to stay with your loved ones. I will forever cherish the fact that you are my brother and l will continue to fight my own medical issues, just like you always encouraged me to do. RIP Ian, knowing you were much loved and will always be fondly remembered.

Wealth of knowledge

Karie Baumann
Ian was always sharing his experiences with us. In many ways he was a guide though his journey's with HHT that he had alot of experience with. He would always share things to try. I looked up to Ian with his bravery and inspiration. He will be missed. We need to celebrate his life and share his memory. From across the world he touch my families heart. We send you all great big hugs.

For Ian

Kristina Violante
I met Ian and his family shortly after Mattys Soldiers was formed in honour of my son Matthew who passed away from HHT in 2011. Until we lost Matt and I saw what Ian was going through I did not realise the seriousness of this disease or how much on a daily basis some people have to deal with. I can only say that Ians experiences have taught me a lot. He was a very brave man who fought this disease everyday . We as Mattys Soldiers will continue his fight and one day it will be a thing of the past. RIP Mattys Soldier, We will continue the fight.

One of a kind

Sara Taji
Ian you were a true fighter. I feel blessed to have met you. Kind, funny and inspirational man who I will truly miss. This battle with HHT is over for you but we will keep fighting. Rest in peace my friend xxx You will be missed by all Matty's Soldiers xx

Another Angel in Heaven

Mary Ann Schill-Lavery
I, too, have been through the same episodes as your Pop, and we used to joke about it, and talk about it. He always had a way to make us look at the good side of anything, good or bad. I miss him online so much. You should be very, very proud of the hundreds of people who your Pop has inspired. He was awesome, and we, as his HHT online friends, will forever miss him.

Teri Nasz
Im so sorry to hear this.

michelle plumb
You have my deepest sympathy at this sad time

stay strong

judie burridge
i am so sorry for your loss. i enjoyed all his facebook comments. we had a few conversations. sending prayers to your family.

So very sorry for your loss.

Judy Sweren
I didn't know you Ian but I can tell how loved you were by your family, real and virtual. I am so sad you lost your battle to HHT and very sorry for your family's loss. I can tell by the smile on your face what an optimistic and wonderful person we lost. I hate HHT and hope someday they find a cure. In your name and all of ours I pray.

Gone but never forgotten

Rebekah Beautyman
A day hasn't past where i haven't forgotten or tried to forget that you are gone; i automatically think Ian will love this. You were my first other person with our frienemy hht; I finally found someone who understood and still kept on. I finally found 'blood' family. Meeting you in person further strengthened this and i finally found another family, an extended loving bleeding family. Your death is a death in the family, whilst not everyone understands that; we all know the fight, the reality of every bleed. You fought long and hard, as did those who tried to keep you with us. Sadly HHT won this one, but we know that you fought it till the end, and in doing so have inspired many to keep fighting it. Whilst I have lost a mentor, i know i am sad for those of us who remain; as you are off being free of pain and bleeds and able to eat and drink as you wish. I must remember to face this fight head on, without fear, and pure australian stubborn might. Ok hht you may have won that round, but not the war. Good bye my friend, thank you for everything you meant so much to me. Rest easy my friend you earned it. Love always Bek

Nathan & Ruth Gilpin
we have suffered with Ian: enjoyed his light hearted humor-a man of courage and perseverance.

Sara Kendrick
I will miss your sense of humor and your jokes , on the HHT sites! And your opposite uot look on everything !

Lee Julian
So proud of my nephew, Nathan, for creating this page in honour of my brother Ian Lovejoy. Ian had a strength which kept him going through adversity and he is deeply missed by his family. Love you Ian, you remain my inspiration.

Ian will be missed

Jim LeDrew
Ian always found a way to brighten up our days with his humor and always added some positive news about our life long disease. our prayers and thoughts going out to his family and lots of memories will always be with us

Miss your positive attitude

Neeta Pai
So happy to find Ian Lovejoy's page under Tributes. I do wish you were here fighting HHT along side us in the physical, I know you will continue to be in our memory and fight besides us in spirit. Loved your postings of funnies on Facebook's HHT groups. May your family be comforted with fond memories of you! We will miss your positive attitude coupled by a sense of humor in bravely facing life's curves . Love always!

Always Made Us Laugh

Elyna Ito
Dear Ian; You Always Knew How To Make Us Laugh And Keep Our Spirits Up. Even During The Roughest Of Your Times, You Made Us Feel Like Family, Always There To Let Us Know That We're Not Alone. We Send You Our Love And We Pray That God Comforts Your Family + Friends During The Rough Times. Thanks Again For Your Humor. You Will Never Be Forgotten. Your HHT Family In Chicago, IL USA Elyna Ito, Adriana Colón Vera + Felix Colón

Missing you everyday

Ian Mitchell
Heaven take only the best of us. I love you pop. xox

Amazing man with a great sense of humour

Stefanie Pellegrino
I will always remember your funny comment about going to get a top up of the hospitals 'finest red' thanks for your humour what an inspiration you were and still are.

Pop it's been a long nine months, and i still miss you as much as i did the day you passed. i miss you.

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