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Remembering a sweet young woman

Kelly Kean
Kelly Marie Kean passed away at the age of 19 on April 12, 2015.
She is remembered as a loving, sweet girl with a twinkle in her eye who hugged everyone.
Her younger sister, mother, extended family and friends will miss her big smile.
Although HHT was not the cause of death, she and many of her family members suffer with this terrible disease.
Her family asks that, in lieu of flowers, donations be made to, as this disease has caused their family so much pain over many decades.

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Love you

Pia Pedersen
Miss Kelly, we will never forget you. Kassidy and Kaelen are very sad. You have left us in body, but never in spirit. Hugs to you


Leona Robertson
Kelly was my beautiful granddaughter. She had suffed with HHT from very young age. She had a cerebral embolization at the age of nine. Preformed at children's hospital in toronto. She had a pulmonary embolization at age 11. She had recoved from the procedures . Was a glowing happy young women who enjoyed life. She had so many friends and they were so very important to her. At the age of 19 She was scheduled to have a second lung operation. She fell ill with the flu. Had gone to hospital . She then passed away from complications due to a infection of the brain. She was an organ donor. And though we lost our bright shinning star. Five Families will have their stars in their lives. Thoe Kelly had not passed from HHT, herself and many members of her entire and extended family suffer daily with HHT. Our wish for our family and EVERY family enduring this awful disorder is that one day there will be treatment, Knowledge, and hopefully A CURE!!! Thank you for the time we had you Angel Baby. We will love you Forever.And miss you till we are all gone ourselves. Xoxo


Floyd Pearse
Do you know what the angels do? They take care of nice people. I asked the angle take care of you he refused and said the angles did not take care of angles. When I look into the heaven I see your shining face looking down on me my own sweet angel sent from heaven above to look over me and to keep me safe and I know things will be all right with you standing by my side and throw all kinds of weather I know I be all right Because with friends like you I can do just about any thing and no matter what I do I know you r in my corner cheering me on like I cheer for you and think your great And my best friend and I could never find such good and best friend like you and cheer me up when I ‘m sand take time make feel better and I love you for that do my best treat you right because you mean the world to me

Peter Booth
I have never met Kelly or her family, but I can empathize with them as I lost my son just over two years ago. This is the toughest thing I have ever been through so do not be afraid to ask any of your support group for a hug or a talk at any time. They will be there for you. My sincere condolences.

Our beautiful girl.

Shelly &Brice Burnstad
??Always in our hearts?? Kelly was our beautiful, thoughtful, kind niece. She was very special to us all. First girl child born to us ,to spoil and dress up. She was her father's pride and her mother's heart and soul her little sister's everything. Kelly was taken from us way to soon. She had battled with HHT and won everytime it tried to take her. Kelly passed away April 12 2015, at the tender age of 19. Kellsabell didn't pass to HHT but succumbed to complications from brain infection. Because she ws she young and otherwise healthy (Besides HHT) She and her mother had chosen to donate her organs. From our devastating loss this beautiful young woman saved the lives of 5 people. And changed the lives of those families forever. Our family will never be the same without our golden angel. But we know her amazing HEART is still beating. One day we will be able to hug our girl again.... Till then she will be ??? FOREVER AND ALWAYS IN OUR HEARTS???? LOVE YOU. Auntie Shelly and Uncle Brice

Stephanie Ann
Sorry for your loss. May God comfort your family on this journey .

A random act of kindness from Kelly

jasmine brenner
when Kelly was 14 and I was 10 we went to the same gymnasium. I was getting a hard time from my coaches and just felt over whelmed and stressed, like I wanted to give up. I went to the break room for water and Kelly came out of her class to come talk to me, id never met her in my life. she told me "I can tell how hard you work and no matter what they say don't give up, I believe in you" Kelly made me feel like a million dollars and I didn't even know her. she was truly amazing and I know a lot of people will remember her forever, rest in peace to a sweet, loving, caring, giving girl.

sending condolences.

Sam St. James
I personally didn't know Kelly. But I am very very sorry for her family and friends loss. From experience in losing so many special people in my life I know she'll forever be in your guy's hearts. Xoxo

Jelly Bean

Danielle Curry
My little Kelly, I'll never forget you or that beautiful smile. you taught me so much in the short 3 years I knew you and I'm forever grateful for that. I'll never ever forget the "yikes" I got after every story. you were the happiest person alive, you showed your strong side in even the hardest times. now it's our turn to show our strong side for you "babes". keep watching out for us Jelly Bean.

Ron Vit
To the entire Keen Family: Our deepest sympathies and condolences from the entire Vit Family. Our prayers go out to the Keens from bottom of our hearts. My brother Al has been a part of the Keen's lives for well over thirty years and watched Kelly grow up from a baby. He shares your pain as he feels as though he has lost one of his own. He will miss Kelly dearly as we all will.

luci Janssen
my condolences to the family

So blessed and so robbed

Michael MacGinty
As a member of the HHT Family, my tear filled thoughts are with Lorie, Lindsey and Leona, so blessed and so robbed, by having Kelly, who seems to have lived big in such a short life.

Jelly Bean

Martin Drakeley
Watch over my baby girl Jelly Bean, we all miss you and know you are happy with Dad.

Kayte Higgins
I miss you so much googs take care of Lindsey up there I love you angels

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