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My Little Prayer

John Mavity
I'm just a little girl, and a daddy's little girl at that. I hear him calling me, 'Tracey, come on in the house, Momma has dinner ready.'

After dinner, we’d play cards, work a puzzle, or I would sit and listen to him tell a story. But our time was always interrupted. Daddy would say, 'Honey I’ll be right back, daddy's nose is bleeding.' Standing at his feet in the bathroom, I’d wait for what seemed like hours to a little girl, and many times it was. I’d ask, 'Daddy, when is it going to stop?' His reply was always the same – ‘I don't know sweetie.'

I knew in my little mind daddy would be too weak to play or read and I’d fall asleep praying - 'God please let my daddy stop bleeding.'

I was now growing into a young lady in high school. Life was different in many ways, but some things never changed. Daddy still bled, and I still prayed my little prayer.

I was carrying some jugs to fill at the spring so daddy wouldn’t have to. When I got there, I saw pieces of tissue on the ground. They were everywhere and covered in blood. This was my daddy's blood and I wanted it back, God please.

I ran into the house yelling, 'Daddy, where are you?' I ran to him, fell at his feet and wept. He said 'Honey, 'Daddy is okay.'

A few years later, HHT took the life of my daddy. The daddy I loved so much. And as an adult, I still don't understand. I’m still that little girl, praying that little prayer, 'God please, stop the bleeding.'

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My Little Sister

Terri Mavity-McLaren
Tracey is my little sister and I remember her running and hiding at times when our daddy had a nose bleed. I can hear her say that little prayer today. HHT affects the whole family. Please help us find a cure for all of us living with HHT.

Linda McCafferty
I fell your broken heart! I lost my dear sister just this June. I hate this HHT! Please you have my prayers. We need a cure and need our Congress to hear our pleas for a cure now!!


angie ponticello
so sorry you experienced this , I feel for you ... It's a disease that we have to try and eliminate !!!!

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