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Joanna Medrano
Where to begin? My name is Shanna I am the daughter of Joanna Medrano, who was 48 at the time of her passing. I watched her suffer from bloody noses to blood transfusions, unable to breath, walk or even play with her grand kids, she had fainting episodes! during this time I was just tested positive for having hht and needed to have lung avms coiled while my mom was needing her other side of her nose closed. So we had decided since we both were living in Arizona and needing procedures done in California we would go together and our plan to return home together was shattered! The last time I saw my mother was when they wheeled me back for the coiling. I still see her waving to me from her wheel chair and blowing me a kiss! Next thing I new I was in recovery and heard the nurses saying my mom just arrived by ambulance down stairs with bleeding from her nose. I at that time thought poor mom another nose packing. I was latter released and my dad was there to pick me up to return to the hotel with my only child out of 4 that has hht. My moms surgery was scheduled 11/16/2007 2 days after mine she had the surgery and hours later a massive heart attack! She was a fighter and a brave lady I miss her so much and am glad she now doesn't have to see me suffer! I too have ph now and know how she suffered.

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