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Janice Chilcott
This is all about My Mum, who we lost 16 months ago aged 62. As a child she could never run long distances, or keep up with the others and always thought she was "un fit" But in Mid 1970's she was diagnosed with HHT. She had over 60 coils in her lungs and very short of breath for the last 10 years, and not to mention the 3-4 hour long blood noses. Living in Rural Australia the Royal Flying Doctors got to know her very well, often holding her hand from Wangratta to Royal Melbourne Hospital. She eventually lost her fight after a Heart Valve replacement, 6 month recovery was not easy for her or us. She was always the positive, party lady and full of fun, but towards the end she was not this person, but now she is not suffering, and that is the only thing that makes this any easier to deal with. My Aunty, My cousin and I all have HHT and have had coils too, and we are all doing ok. Lets find a cure ASAP. we raised Green Balloons for her at her funeral, as it was her favourite colour, its was the most beautiful day and the balloons flew away with out a care.

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sherrel mc neill
Beautiful words Rhonda. Janice was my sister, and I miss her so much. I was diagnosed with HHT in 2000, but don't have it as bad as my sister, so far i have only had 7 AVMs embolized but have lots more small ones. I also have lots of talangiiectasias in my stomach and bowel, had to have 4units of blood this time last yyear.My Mum died when she was 39, they said back then it was a cerebal hemorrhage but was probably HHT, so please find a cure

When HHT touches someone close to you, it's natural to want to share their story with others.

HHT is a relentless disease that affects over one million people around the world. Many of those people are robbed of the opportunities that would allow them to lead a full and normal life. Cure HHT is the only organization in the world dedicated solely to research, education, and advocacy that will allow us to find a cure for this disease. You can make a tremendous impact on our mission and honor a loved one by creating a Memorial or Tribute.

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