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My nanna an Australian battle with hht

My nanna Fight with hht
My nanna died from hht on the third of December 2013 ages 76 years after fighting it since age eleven with no idea of what she was dealing with here in Australia it was hard for us all. There is no awareness here. She has bleeders in her nose on her hands fingers feet mouth eyes and internally in her gut they caused her horrible pain but she was a trooper and fought hard till the end keeping her humour and always mentioning how she had made medical history and that some of the best dr s had seen her blood! My dad and many others family members including me also have hht dad has a cluster on his brain stem which has caused him to lose his memory at age 50 it's rare here and we need help to get the word out there no one I speak to has ever heard of it even so e medical professionals it caused me to die during my. Second labour had a massive haemorrhage but obviously Iam ok help me help Australia help hht!

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It's not uncommon in Australia it's just not heard and being coiled is presenting more problems now since most of us died young. Now thier is one specialist is in tasmania

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