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A Compassionate Champion

Doc Hanks
It is with a heavy heart I share with the HHT community the loss of Doc Hanks over the weekend. He was an integral part the Cure HHT mission over the last decade, consistently giving of his time to better the lives of HHT patients around the world.

I first met Doc when he phoned the office to let us know he was doing a motorcycle Poker Run to bring much needed awareness to the community. We became fast friends and he continued to be very active on our behalf. Doc lobbied his Senators and House member on behalf of our HHT legislation in Congress.

When he thought they were not interested in signing our bill, he let them know it and went to the press! The legislative staffers quickly realized Doc was not going to leave quietly - he was going to fight for us!

Doc organized blood drives locally, and then regionally, and had several TV and radio interviews about the importance of HHT. He loved his family and was an outstanding husband, father and advocate for his cousin, Raymond, who had become quite ill due to HHT.

We awarded Doc with the Compassionate Champion Award at the Cure HHT National Patient and Family Conference in Orlando in 2012.

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Thank You My Friend

Marianne Clancy
I offer my sincere condolences to his wonderful family and numerous friends. He was one of a kind and I surely will miss his humor, compassion and action on behalf of all with HHT. Doc’s life inspired so many and I am heartened that he is at peace.


Carol Johnson
My condolences to his family!

Elyna Ito
Thank you Doc for all you've done for us! May the lord confort your love ones during this difficult times. Sending prayers from Chicago, IL..

Cris Hernandez
Bless you Doc. We need more people like you in the community. I am very inspired by your story. My you rest in peace and bliss.

With Sympathy..:

Tania Competiello
My deepest condolences to Doc's family and friends during this difficult time. May you find peace in all of the memories made in this life. May he Rest In Peace. With sympathy, Tania Competiello

Janet Heatherly
Will be missed. I talked with him a couple of times about organizing a blood drive. Prayers for peace and comfort for the family and friends of Doc.

Faith Whitehead
So sorry for your loss. Doc helped so many of us with HHT he will be greatly missed. Prayers and hugs for you all.

Sad news

Carol Lane
So sad to hear this news. Doc Hank's was a great advocate for HHT condolences to his family. RIP

Thank for your encouragement!

Barbara Clemons
I never met Doc face to face but we had many phone conversations about HHT. He was vigilant in helping me try to get a blood drive going for HHT here in Panama City, FL. Unfortunately it wasn't well received and we never got it off the ground. He encouraged me to go to the newspaper and the TV stations which I did. The News Herald interviewed me and ran my story about HHT. WMBB TV station's Jessica Foster interviewed me and ran my story on air in her Health segment. Doc always had time to talk to me and he always encouraged me to keep trying to get the word out about HHT! I will miss our conversations! RIP DOC! You will be missed by all of us in the HHT community!

Kristina Violante
On behalf of Matty's Soldiers in Australia we give our sincere condolences to Docs family. Thank you to Doc for fighting for our cause.Matty's Soldiers will keep up the fight.

In Loving Memory

Sara and Vega Lindsey-Hayes
We love you Doc.

Goodbye, Doc Hanks

Jody Meyer
I am so sad to hear of Doc's passing. I was so excited for him when he was awarded in Orlando. What a privilege to meet him. He fought tirelessly and selflessly for all of us with HHT. May he Rest In Peace. His memory will always be a blessing.

With sympathy

Sara Palmer
My deepest condolences to Doc's family and loved ones. Doc was a champion for all of us with HHT. In spite of his own health problems, he was a tireless advocate for others. I was privileged to meet Doc in person and to learn from his experience. He was warm and generous with his time, and inspired me to do more to support the HHT community. Thank you, Doc. You will be missed by many.

Rest In Peace, Doc

Mary Ann Lavery
Rest in peace now, my friend. You have been such an inspiration to so many people. We will miss your and corresponding with you for many years. My condolences to his family.


Brenda Biggar
When we first found out Jeff had HHT Doc was the first person I talk too. He wanted me to do blood drives. He taught me how to say HHT over the phone. I wrote a piece for a magazine and when it got published he was my biggest fan. Breaks my heart. Love you Doc.

Thanks Doc

Marijo McCune
I am so sad to hear this. Doc was a true warrior and a constant voice for all of us. I know he worked tirelessly to spread the word for all of us, always with a smile and infectious sense of humor. Doc truly spread awareness of HHT and we owe him much for his efforts. Thanks, Doc! We will miss you.

Rest in Peace

A'Lisa Hamilton
We were devastated to learn of our precious Doc's death. Doc was so encouraging and supportive to my 3 girls and me after we learned we had HHT. He set up a meeting of others with HHT in the state, helped me organize blood drives and petition-signing, and encouraged me to involve the media. He was extremely genuine and took time to get to know my young daughters. He was such a selfless soul with an unwavering drive to educate others, was filled with untold patience and perseverance...all with a heart of gold and a huge smile on his face. His inspiration and friendship will be sorely missed.

HHT Champion

Roy Forey
Doc was one of life's characters. He worked tirelessly for the HHT cause despite his health problems. He managed to get over 1000 signatures to get Senator Landrieu to sponsor our HHT Bill. I will miss his phone calls and his passion for the swamps of Louisiana. He was one of our biggest HHT champions and he will be sorely missed.

When HHT touches someone close to you, it's natural to want to share their story with others.

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