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Lovely Lindsey

Lindsey Kean
Our Lindsey passed away at just 16 years old, October 15, 2016, after being hit by a car.
Although her death was due to an accident, HHT in her lungs contributed to death, as the medical team was unable to keep oxygen levels high enough to survive the trauma.
Lindsey struggled with the symptoms of HHT throughout her life, including 4 pulmonary embolisations. The disorder prevented her from having normal childhood experiences, such as running, playing, hiking, even walking up a set of stairs.
Despite this, she was a lively girl who loved playing baseball and was wicked pitcher.
Lindsey joins her father and older sister in heaven. We miss them all very much.

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Deborah Clarke
As when the world lost your beautiful sister, I am making a donation in your name, to honour your life. A life that was tragically much too short. RIP Lindsey.


Shelly Burnstad
Miss Lindsey Lou.. Honey we love and miss you so much. We all are just devastated that you as your sister were taken from us way to early. We all had Big plans for you and Kelly's future. None of us will know why you had to leave to be with your dad and Kelly. All we know is there is too big of a hole left in what we are supposed to call our lives. Your Uncle and I are beyond broken that we will never be able to go on another adventure with our girl. We love you so much and we are so horribly list that we will never be able to hold you in our arms again. Please baby girl , look after your mom from above . We know you are with loved ones and that gives some peace . But we love and miss you so m7ch honey no words will ever be able to say how much we wish we had you here . WE L9VE YOU FOREVER BABY GIRL. ALWAYS IN OUR HEARTS AND ON OUR MINDS. L9ve you Auntie Shelly and Uncle Brice

Ernie & Kim Fankhanel
Your mom & Grandma are in our thoughts daily Lindsey

Kathy Temme
So sorry for your loss

April Everroad
Our words will never express the loss of a young soul, but, know that our thoughts are there with Lindsey and her family. I pray Lindsey's mother and family are comforted at this time. My nephew passed away at 15 years old from complications of HHT, before we even knew our family had this disorder. Through his loss, other family members have been diagnosed and treated. Our loving memories and sweet spirit of him will forever remain with us as I'm sure Lindsey's memory and sweet spirit will forever remain with you. ?

Erin Sanchez
Peace to you, beautiful Lindsey, and prayers for the loved ones you leave behind.


Emily Cruz
I am 17, living with HHT, and I also cannot have normal chilhood experiences. I'm so sorry for your loss.


Donna Mogge
Life is not fair, I'm so sorry.

Kayte Higgins
My little ray of sunshine I will never forget you , I hope your dancing in the sky with your daddy and Kells ?

Dear my baby sis linds

Keana Velsen
My lindseyloo love you so much, you always put a smile on my face. Each day we would hangout your laugh and love for adventure would brighten everyone's day. All our amazing times together I will cherish forever and always. I know your dancing up there watching down on us all. You were and are so greatly loved by so many. Love oh baby sis ?

Sending prayers for comfort

Tina Elmore

carli Stephen
love and miss you little linds?? I know your shining down on everyone, keep on dancing with your dad & kell. always thinking of you. ??

Courtney Ogilvie
I love you so much lil Lindsey, I miss you like crazy. This breaks my heart but atleast your happy back with your sis?? Ily

So sorry.

I am so terribly sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you.

Carley Walther
Rest easy you beautiful angel, xo

Remembering Lindsey

Tehya Clegg
Lindsey went to my school and was a beautiful girl that always made everyone happy and lit up the room. My condolences to Lindsey's family and loved ones. She will be missed, rest in peace beautiful angel

RIP Sweet Lindsey

Lisa Rasmussen
Miss Lindsey, you are dearly missed and your contagious smile and your outgoing loving spirit will always be in our heart! Another sweet Angel ? taken way to soon! Xo ? The Rasmussens

Jim Nelson
Linsey was a great kid. She always had a nice thing to say when she had to go.

Hannah Nelson
thank you for being the most amazing best friend a girl can ask for,you'll always have a place in my heart googs!! I love you forever and always! rest in peace

You are missed.

Gramma & Papa Stannard
We watched Lindsey and her team play ball every year, our granddaughter was part of Lindsey's team. I know they all miss her so much. RIP Lyndsey, you won't be forgotten.

? in the sky

Cori Robson
Little ? above.. you sure left your mark on this earth and everyone you ever came in contact with. You will forever be loved and missed but I know you'll continue to leave signs that your closer than we all know. I'm sure you made your mark at your beautiful celebration of life during the amazing video presentation .. I know I'm not alone in thinking that! Thank you for loving so many people close to me and for bringing so much life into this world. ?? Your family misses you but we all know your in good hands. Fly free Linds.. ?? Cori

Courtney Dubyna
Missing you extra tonight , always in my thoughts I miss you so much little one xoxo

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